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Dynamic Line Rating System

The allowable transmission line capacity can be up-rated by using Dynamic Line Rating System.

Dynamic Line Rating System

Dynamic Line Rating System provided by Sumitomo Electric, such as DLR sensor, weather sensor and integrator, contributes to the up-rating of the allowable transmission capacity by analyzing Conductor Temperature, Transmission Current, Wind Speed & Direct, Ambient Temperature and Solar Radiation.

Basic Configuration

Dynamic Line Rating System

Dynamic Line Rating increases the capacity of existing transmission lines by considering actual power flow and weather conditions(wind speeed,etc). DLR is effective for transmission lines of renewable energy system. DLR can also reduce the renewable energy output suppression. We provide the system that can accurately forecast the allowable current up to 72 hours ahead.

Detailed technical information


Capacity can be increased, by monitoring conductor temperature and considering actual wind speed, etc.

Current by Dynamic Line Rating Current by Dynamic Line Rating

Specifications and Features  *The contents described are subject to change.

Monitoring item Conductor temperature (-20∼180℃) Current (50A∼1200A,150A∼3200A)
Accuracy Conductor temperature :±2℃  Current :±2%
Power supply Current Transformer installed on transmission lines 
Wireless device ■ DLR sensor ∼ Integrator(Private Wireless Network)

 ARIB-STD-T108 compliant Frequency:920MHz Power:20mW(Japan)

 Maximum number of Hops:50
Maximum communication distance:1km 

■ Integrator ∼ Monitoring center(Mobile Phone Network) LTE(4G)

① Direct measurement of conductor temperature is possible and DLR sensor has high accuracy

② No Battery

③ Various data can be transmitted on private wireless network.

The DLR sensor consists of a current sensor, a temperature sensor, and a 920MHz wireless transmitter. The DLR sensor is driven by induction type current trans, needs no battery. The weight of DLR sensor is approximately 10 kg. The DLR sensor can be applied up to 500 kV lines, and the applicable conductor overall diameter is Φ18 to Φ40mm (approx.). The data of current and conductor temperature are transmitted by 920 MHz multi-hop wireless DLR sensors with maximum of 50 hops. High data security as data were transmitted on private wireless network.

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