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In the field of infocommunications, Sumitomo Electric develops products that form the infrastructure of today’s highly-networked society. Some of our key products for wired and wireless communication networks are listed below. For a more comprehensive list of products, please click here.

Products overview

  • Optical fiber cables from Sumitomo Electric include ribbon cable for indoor or outdoor use, ultra-high-fiber-count cable for increasing the number of installed fibers where space is limited, and ultra-low-loss pure silica core fiber. Related companies: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, Sumitomo Electric USA

  • FutureFLEX air-blown fiber simplifies the installation or upgrade of optical fiber networks in buildings where it would be too expensive or impractical to add duct space. Training on how to install FutureFLEX is also provided. Related company: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave

  • Optical fiber fusion splicers are indispensable for constructing optical networks. Our comprehensive lineup includes handheld micro-splicers, splicers for FTTx and data center builds, high-definition core aligning splicers for backbone networks, and ribbon splicers for high-density networks. Related company: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave

  • Optical connectors such as single-fiber connectors (SC or LC connectors), on-site assembly type connectors, and multifiber push-on connectors (MPO connectors) are designed to enable fast and easy termination of optical fibers. Related company: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave

  • High-speed optical transceiver modules from Sumitomo Electric comply with various international standard specifications at communication speeds of more than 100 Gbps. Wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM/DWDM) products for large-capacity traffic are also available. Related company: Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations USA

  • Wireless communication devices such as GaN HEMTs, GaAs FETs, MMICs, and low-noise HEMT devices offer high performance for radar, base stations, SATCOM, point-to-point, and space applications. Related company: Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations USA