Data Center Solutions
Sumitomo Electric

Our data center solutions provide a wide variety of connectivity products to fit your data center needs.

Sumitomo Electric is a world leader and pioneer in fiber optics technologies. Our experience and expertise allow us to deliver cutting-edge technology to users in the data center.

What are Data Center Solutions?

Data center solutions indicate products and services that is essential to manage data centers.
Products include supporting infrastructure as well as IT equipment, which refers to a wide variety of devices and systems.
In this situation, providing high reliability is a significant key as it needs to prevent from stopping operation for any users.
Especially, data center requires high quality of optical cable and connectivity solutions.
At the same time, high density is essential from the viewpoint of efficiency.

Data Center Solutions
of Sumitomo Electric

Considering with data center solutions, Sumitomo Electric serves both high density and high quality solutions such as 6912f cable and optical connectivity products.
Sumitomo Electric will make full use of its experience and technical capabilities as a global leader.
With the great progress of cloud computing and other network-related services in recent years, demands of high density in data centers have been accelerated all over the world.
At the same time, you have to secure the reliability for maintaining high quality of transmission services.
In other words, it is very significant that you deploy more data transmission with high quality in limited spaces within data centers.
Based on ultra high density cables including 6912f cable, Sumitomo Electric can serve customized data center solutions along with your needs, and support to realize deployment of ideal network systems and the increase of future bandwidth capacity.
In addition, our products also meet easy-handling during construction and installation.
Thus, we will propose the best data center solution for each customer, and realize your needs together.

4th Level™ Data Center
and Enterprise Network Solutions

The "4" of 4th Level comes from "Tier 4”, which represents the highest grade of reliability for a data center facility, as defined by the Uptime Institute. Sumitomo Electric offers 4th Level products for efficient cabling and removal of cable congestion, which improves the data center facilities' reliability, power consumption and overall cost.

Products by project scale

  • Medium scale
  • Hyperscale ≧ 5,000 servers

Key Technology


FREEFORM RIBBON™ enables dense fiber packing and smaller cable diameters, realizing higher density in space-constrained situations. In addition, the 12-fiber “FREEFORM” ribbon has the world’s highest level of precision. It is horizontally and vertically aligned, providing the same workability as conventional flat fiber ribbons. Therefore, FREEFORM RIBBON™ offers high workability and an optimized fusion splicing process, making it the perfect data center solution.

FREEFORM 12-fiber Ribbon

High Density

Able to pack more fibers compared to conventional ribbon fibers.

4 Ribbons
(48 Fibers)
8 Ribbons
(96 Fibers)

Mass Fusion Splicing

Splicing 12 fibers fusion at once dramatically saves fusion splicing time, approximately 80% time reduced compared to 12 single fiber splices.

Easy Connectivity

Ribbon can be easily split into single fibers, compatible with conventional loose tube cables.

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