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Sumitomo Electric provides a wide variety of connectivity products to fit your data center needs.

Sumitomo Electric is a world leader and pioneer in fiber optics technologies. Our experience and expertise allow us to deliver cutting-edge technology to users in the data center.

4th Level™ Data Center
and Enterprise Network Solutions

The "4" of 4th Level comes from "Tier 4”, which represents the highest grade of reliability for a data center facility, as defined by the Uptime Institute. Sumitomo Electric offers 4th Level products for efficient cabling and removal of cable congestion, which improves the data center facilities' reliability, power consumption and overall cost.

id The Forefront of Optical Fiver Development for the Cloud Society.

Products by project scale

  • Medium scale
  • Hyperscale ≧ 5,000 servers


Why are Ultra High Fiber Count Cables required for data center applications?
Connections between data center buildings require capacity that can sustain a large amount of data. However, duct space between different locations is limited. Deploying new ducts or using technologies such as DWDM is oftentimes very costly, whereas our Ultra High Fiber Count Cables maximize the fiber density in existing ducts.
What is Freeform™ Ribbon?
Freeform Ribbon™ is Sumitomo Electric's solution for maximizing fiber density in cables, whilst maintaining the advantages of conventional fiber ribbons. Freeform Ribbons™ are capable of shifting shape, which drastically improves the fiber density in our fiber cables. They can either be spliced efficiently with conventional fiber ribbon splicers, or easily split into fibers for high-precision splicing.
How can ultra high fiber count cables be distributed throughout the data center?
Our high density splice cabinets have the capacity of holding more than 10,000 fibers whilst maintaining high operability with a variety of options and features that adapt to your network configuration.
How can higher density be achieved without undermining workability and scalability?
Our 19-inch rack panels enable high density patch cabling whilst maintaining workability. Cassette panels allows users to add what components they need, only when they need it. Our unique duplex LC and FlexMPO connectorized patchcords and trunk cables are easily accessible even in densely cabled panels.
How can I connect buildings that are a great distance apart?
Fiber optic cable enclosures can be used to connect cables to each other to achieve a connection over great distances.
How can I reduce the time spent on splicing fibers?
Our ribbon splicers not only allow you to splice 12 fibers at once, but they also come with 2 heat shrink ovens so that there will be less time waiting on the machine.

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