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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.447]

Group Company of the Month:JUDD

Judd Wire, Inc. (JUDD) has celebrated the 61st anniversary of its foundation this year. The company joined the Sumitomo Electric Group 26 years ago in 1988, when the group purchased the Judd Wire section from High Voltage Engineering Corporation. The purchase was the group’s first overseas merger and acquisition. As one of the group’s overseas bases for electronic wire, JUDD develops, manufactures and sells electronic wire and cables. The company provides a wide variety of customers, mainly those in North America, with a wide range of products for aircraft and automobiles, as well as products for industrial and information/communication use.

【Reporter】 Satoshi Hashimoto R&D Manager

A report from JUDD, a company engaged in the development, manufacture, and sales of electronic wire and cables, as well as in the provision of a wide range of products for a wide variety of customers, mainly in North America

Satoshi Hashimoto
R&D Manager


Promoting development of new products among a diversity of cultures, and taking on dynamic challenges toward new targets

JUDD’s manufacturing facilities are located in Turners Falls in western Massachusetts, and in San Marcos in southern California. At JUDD, we manufacture and sell mainly electronic wire for aircraft, automobiles, railways, electronic products, etc., but we also import and sell flat cables manufactured by other members of the Sumitomo Electric Group. JUDD is thus an operation with a wide variety of functions, such as sales, purchase, research, technology development and manufacture.

I began to work at Turners Falls in January 2014. My major responsibilities involve promoting the development of new products, as well as general tasks related to manufacture, quality and technology. Although I sometimes face a language barrier and different ways of thinking and customs, I find it very exciting to have active discussions with diverse people with different mentalities, and to take on the challenge of realizing new targets. Believing that my role is to demonstrate positive results in the development of new products as soon as possible, and to contribute to the enhancement of JUDD’s business performance and the development of Sumitomo Electric Group’s electronic wire business, I am working very hard every day.

At the party to celebrate the 60th anniversary of JUDD’s foundation and the 25th anniversary of membership in the Sumitomo Electric Group

Development-related staff

■Profile of Local Staff Members

Kyle Turner

Kyle Turner

"Hi! My name is Kyle Turner. I am an automotive Process Engineer at Judd Wire.

I monitor ABS jacket extrusion processes, explore process improvements, and facilitate new process development for new products at jacket extrusion.

I have been with Judd Wire for two years, not only performing normal duties for ABS cables, but also taking part in various improvement projects. Judd Wire has helped me grow as an engineer by challenging my intuition, and giving me a valuable perspective of the manufacturing industry. I hope to continue my growth as an engineer by someday pursuing a higher education."

Chelsey Munroe

Chelsey Munroe

Hello, I'm Chelsey Munroe, Sales and Marketing Specialist for Judd Wire. I have been with Judd for nearly 8.5 years supporting the Automotive Product segment of our business. My role within the Sales department has evolved from being hired as the Automotive Assistant to my current role managing strategic Automotive accounts on both the commercial and technical levels.

I work closely with our Sales and Product managers to provide an elevated level of attention and service to our key customers. In addition to my role in managing strategic accounts, I am also responsible for the marketing efforts at Judd. Working closely with our Product managers, I create Judd's printed marketing materials as well as maintain our corporate website. I also manage and coordinate the bi-annual sales conference for our manufacturer's representatives. I enjoy the diverse set of responsibilities I have within the organization and hope to continue to grow my skill-set to remain a strong asset to the Judd team. Judd has provided me with several career advancements during my time here and I look forward to moving into new roles to support the success of the company in the future.

【Places of Interest】Pioneer of American History
Pioneer Valley

Town Hall & Church (Amherst)

JUDD is located in Pioneer Valley in western Massachusetts, New England. This area boasts a long history. The name originated from when early settlers from Europe began farming and living in the area along the Connecticut River in the 17th century. Amherst, a nearby city, is home to five prestigious universities, such as the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Amherst College. Attracting excellent researchers, international students, and young people from all over the world, the city is filled with diversity and vigor.

Joy of Chatting

On one Sunday (Amherst)

People living here are very friendly; they are willing to greet people they have never met before, and they love chatting with them. At the same time, I’m often asked to give logical explanations in my daily life. For example, when I once tried to buy a newspaper at a store I was visiting for the first time, I was asked why I was going to buy not a local newspaper but a newspaper from a different area. Thus, I had difficulty getting the newspaper that I wanted to read.

Sightseeing Spots? Weather? Weekend Activities?

On Independence Day People waiting to view fireworks at sunset (Amherst)

It takes two hours by car to Boston, and three hours to New York. You can make a one-day trip to these cities especially on a weekend or some other special occasion. Since small events are held almost every weekend in parks in Amherst, a nearby city, however, I spend most of my weekends there. In winter, the temperature goes below 20°C, making me feel as if the area is lifeless. In spring, all the flowers bloom simultaneously, turning the area into one filled with the bright energy of living things. In addition, there are many events that you must not miss, such as the Tanglewood Music Festival (an outdoor concert performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra) in summer, and colored leaves on Mohawk Trail in autumn. You can directly feel the seasonal changes, which is one of the great attractions of this area.

  Quincy Market (Boston)   Duck Tour (Boston)  
  Old State House (Massachusetts, Boston)   Port of Boston  

Company Profile

Judd Wire, Inc.

Company name Judd Wire, Inc.
Established June 1988
Business Development, manufacture, and sales of electronic wire and cables for automobiles and aircraft, as well as for industrial and information/communication use, and also the import and sales of products manufactured by other members of the Sumitomo Electric Group
Representative Hiroyuki Watanabe
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