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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.446]

Group Company of the Month:ICS

Innovation Core SEI, Inc. (ICS) was established in 2001 in Silicon Valley as the Sumitomo Electric Group’s first overseas research and development base, to conduct technology surveys regarding optoelectronics. Since then, the company has expanded the scope of its activities to cover the group’s entire extensive research field. Currently, on top of simply conducting surveys, the company is very active in providing research and development support regarding the mobility business, energy business, and communications (ICT) business, which are regarded as promising domains, as well as in making open innovation and collaboration efforts to create new businesses and promote global development of the group’s research and development divisions.

【レポーター】 総務課長 山﨑 喜之

A report from ICS, which in addition to the previously mentioned activities plans and operates internship programs and other interactive measures together with local universities and other organizations

Yoshiyuki Yamazaki
Director of Operations


Realizing that the essence of business is shinyo-kakujitsu, and working hard every day in an environment filled with the frontier spirit

ICS is located in San Jose, California. As indicated by the gold rush in the late 1800s, where people dreamed of making a fortune in one stroke, the state has long been a place of the frontier spirit.

In particular, San Jose and its vicinity are renowned as the so-called “Silicon Valley.” Just as the name suggests, in this area a wide variety of the world’s cutting-edge semiconductor technologies were created, and the computer industry flourished.

Presently, as home to headquarter of many globally renowned companies, the area serves as one of the world’s most influential innovation bases where innovative IT technologies are generated in Internet services and software.

In September 2012, I was transferred to ICS, which is located in this exciting environment. While the company is becoming more and more active in providing support to generate opportunities in the Sumitomo Electric Group’s “new business fields” and “integrated business fields,” my responsibilities include establishing organization systems and business infrastructure, such as reinforcing local staff members to enhance the level of the entire company’s capabilities, and establishing and revising a wide variety of business rules to reflect the expansion of our business domain. Meanwhile, to ensure that the Sumitomo Electric Group continues demonstrating a strong presence in Silicon Valley when promoting its business activities, it is necessary for the group to be accepted as a true resident by the local community. In this regard, I plan and operate internship programs and other interactive measures and events together with local universities and other organizations.

Although you may believe that Silicon Valley is the ultimate form of digital business where violent change and severe competition are ever present, the essence of the business is shinyo-kakujitsu (placing prime importance on integrity and sound management). Realizing that this is the concept that holds true to every type of business, regardless of the place and current trends, I work hard every day.

ICS staff

■Profile of Local Staff Members

Millard Fore

Millard Fore

Hi everyone! I’m Millard, a rookie who just joined ICS this year!

I’m a member of the marketing group for North-American infrastructure businesses regarding water processing filters and concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) systems. I’m also involved in pilot tests. Striving to achieve our sales targets as early as possible, I travel a lot across the U.S. and work very hard every day to generate demonstration results.

I’ll continue doing my best for the development of promising businesses for the future of Sumitomo Electric Group!

Erica He

Erica He

Hello everyone. I’m Erica. After joining ICS in 2010, I was involved in forming partnerships toward the generation of new businesses in the fields of renewable energy and smart grids. Currently, I support the commercialization of energy storage in North America.

Clean and efficient energy resources are very important to society. I’m truly proud of being able to contribute to Sumitomo Electric Group’s growth in this field. For a bright future for all of us, and also the earth, let’s continue working hard together!

【Places of Interest】Rise and Fall in Cutting-Edge Silicon Valley
Dynamic Equilibrium

Facebook signboard (front, back)

Today, Silicon Valley is home to many globally renowned IT companies. For example, if you look at the back of the signboard at Facebook’s headquarters, the company famous for its SNS service, you will find the name of SUN Microsystems, the company that left its mark on the history of computers with its UNIX workstation. This indicates that Sun Microsystems’ property was purchased by the rapidly developing Facebook.

Although similar rises and falls are often observed in many places in Silicon Valley, a dynamic equilibrium of the entire area as the place leading the world in cutting-edge technologies is maintained. This is Silicon Valley.

  Intel headquarters   Yahoo! headquarters  
  Google headquarters   Oracle (Santa Clara campus)  
California Wine

California is home to a number of renowned wine producing areas, such as the Napa, Sonoma and Livermore valleys. Although most of the wine produced there is available at reasonable prices, some wineries, such as Opus One, which is well known even in Japan, produce high-class, authentic products, including one bottle priced at several tens of thousands of yen. In Napa Valley, there is a long, straight road called Wine Road, along which are many wineries both big and small. You can sample various wines, available from just a few dollars. This is a perfect place for wine lovers.

The wine you drink while viewing the beautiful scenery is so delicious that it may be easy to drink more than you expected.

  Napa Valley   Opus One winery (Napa Valley)  
  The birthplace of Silicon Valley (Hewlett Packard garage)   Robert Mondavi winery (Napa Valley)  
  Fisherman’s Wharf (San Francisco)   Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)  

Company Profile

Innovation Core SEI, Inc.

Company name Innovation Core SEI, Inc.
Established April 2001
Businesses Technology surveys in cutting-edge research fields, and business marketing in the Sumitomo Electric Group’s “new business fields” and “integrated business fields”
Representative Makoto Katayama
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