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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.442]

Group Company of the Month: SEEV

SEI Electronic Components (Vietnam), Ltd. (SEEV) is a new company established in October 2012 after inheriting its business from Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. As a foreign base for the Sumitomo Electric Group’s flexible printed circuit business, SEEV designs, manufactures, and sells FPCs. The company supplies a wide variety of products to be used for smartphones, games, digital cameras, and automobiles to a wide variety of customers mainly in Asia and also many other parts of the world.

【Reporter】Ayumu Yukawa Sales Department

Report from SEEV, which supplies a wide variety of flexible printed circuits (FPCs) to customers in many parts of the world

Ayumu Yukawa
Sales Department


Working not only as a sales representative but also as production and profit control staff person, and contributing to improving the company’s business performance in an exciting environment

Located in the Thang Long Industrial Park in the north of Hanoi, SEEV manufactures and sells FPC products to be used as wiring material mainly for smartphones and other electronics items. SEEV features not only a full-process manufacturing function covering pre-processing, post-processing, and implementation, but also design and sales functions. As a multifunctional base, SEEV has been increasing its sales steadily since its establishment.

In November 2013, I was transferred to SEEV. While working as a sales representative to expand the company’s sales by obtaining new customers in Vietnam and the rest of Asia, I am also engaged in production management and profit management. Partly because I have been working as a sales representative since I joined Sumitomo Electric Industries, I sometimes feel embarrassed by the jobs that I’ve not got used to yet. In the environment where I always need to make decisions speedily, a lot of responsibilities fall on me, but I still feel the environment is exciting. I would like to continue contributing to SEEV in terms of further increasing its sales and developing FPC products.

SEEV staff members

■Profile of Local Staff Members

Luu Thanh Quy

Luu Thanh Quy

Hello, everybody. I’m Quy.

I’m the manager of the production engineering division of the manufacturing department. At my division, examining the manufacturing process, dies, and jigs, I work on productivity enhancement. Since the number of items that I need to handle is increasing, I’m busy every day. However, my job is very interesting in that I can see results directly.

To further strengthen SEEV’s production engineering, I will study very hard and do my best in this job.

Nguy n Tu Anh

Nguy n Tu Anh

Xin chao! I’m Tu Anh of SEEV.

Currently, as a section manager at the production management division of the manufacturing department, my major responsibilities cover production management, shipping planning, and delivery coordination with customers. To ensure that products are shipped on schedule, I need to overcome many difficulties. Still, in cooperation with members of the department, I work very hard every day. It is one and half years since the establishment of SEEV. I feel that my workplace has become more vigorous than it used to be. I would like to continue working hard for the development of SEEV.

【Places of Interest】Hanoi-Peaceful City with Atmosphere of Olden Days
Hanoi, Capital of Water

Ho Hoan Kiem Lake, a place of relaxation for citizens

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is the country’s political and cultural center. Compared with Ho Chi Minh, a southern vigorous commercial city leading the Vietnamese economy, Hanoi is a peaceful city with the atmosphere of olden days felt here and there. The kanji characters representing Hanoi mean “within a river.” As indicated by this, the city is located in the delta region in the Red River originating in faraway Yunnan Province, China. Along with rich greenery spaces, big and small lakes are dotted throughout Hanoi, making the city known as the Capital of Water. Located in the center of the city, the Ho Hoan Kiem Lake is a representative sightseeing place. The shores of the lake serve as places of relaxation for citizens, and attract those who want to stroll or get some exercise, as well as families with children and young couples. Meanwhile, around Hanoi, a prosperous agricultural city, delicious rice is harvested from a rich soil. Pho, flat noodles made from rice flour, is a typical dish representing Vietnamese rice food culture. You can enjoy the taste of pho even at street stalls.

Hanoi, where Different Cultures Co-exist

The Opera with its fantastic atmosphere

In Hanoi, a city with a history of about 1,000 years, different cultures co-exist. While retrospective Vietnamese-style structures generate an atmosphere of olden days, well-arranged modern European-style architecture reminds visitors of the days of French rule. Popular sightseeing destinations include the old part of the city, where many old structures still remain and there is an array of many shops; and the Opera, a Western-style structure which is illuminated at night to create a fantastic atmosphere.

French influence is observed also in many aspects of Vietnamese food culture. In this country, you can enjoy French dishes using Vietnamese ingredients and spices, as well as Vietnamese coffee, characterized by sweet coconut flavor.

  Street of Hanoi with a long history   Night view of the Tay Lake  

Corporate Profile

SEI Electronic Components (Vietnam), Ltd.

Company name SEI Electronic Components (Vietnam), Ltd.
Established October 1, 2012
Business Manufacture and sales of FPC products
Representative Takafumi Uemiya
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