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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.436]

GE-PON System “FSU7100”

The Sumitomo Electric Group offers various products and technologies that support today’s information & telecommunication infrastructure, including optical fibers/cables, optical/electronic devices and network products. This issue introduces the “GE-PON System,” a product for optical communication subscriber networks that supports optical broadband access and offers high-speed FTTH at low cost.

■Product Data

Start of manufacturing 2012

What is EPON?

“EPON” stands for Ethernet Passive Optical Network. It is a transmission technology that allows high-speed data communication at low cost by branching a single optical fiber to be shared by more than one user. This technology is used for interactive communication between communication stations and subscribers.

The Sumitomo Electric Group started selling products supporting the 1-Gbps EPON standard GE-PON in 2005 and has delivered them to many communication carriers in Japan and other Asian countries.


What are the features of the GE-PON system?

Our next-generation GE-PON-supporting optical line terminal (OLT) “FSU7100” accommodates more than five times as many subscribers as our previous product, thanks to its high-density mounting capability. It is expected to support traffic demand that will grow in the future due to the increase in video distribution and the advent of super-high-definition content.

Furthermore, FSU7100 is highly compatible not only with network facilities of telephone carriers but also with those of cable operators; it was awarded DPoE 1.0 qualification by CableLabs, a US-based organization for cable television technical standardization. Sumitomo Electric is the only Japanese company that has been awarded this qualification. We have already started the shipment of GE-PON-supporting products to US cable operators and this year plan to develop products supporting the 10G-EPON standard, which allows a transmission rate of 10 Gbps, ten times as fast as the GE-PON (1G-EPON) standard.

This product is the culmination of the Sumitomo Electric Group’s technologies from optical devices to systems and was well-received at an exhibition targeting the cable television industry held in October 2013 in the U.S., where we demonstrated this product.

* Now that the 10 Gbps standard has appeared, the term GE-PON is going out of use and the terms 10G-EPON and 1G-EPON tend to be used by standardization organizations for 10 Gbps and 1 Gbps Ethernet Passive Optical Network, respectively.

■Interview with engineers in charge

Naoya Kizaki Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc. Sumie Tomiyama Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc.

What are the difficulties in manufacturing the GE-PON system?

There were problems in that mounting 10-Gbps high-power optical laser diodes in a high density requires a great deal of power and generates much heat. We carefully thought out the shape of the radiator plates and the parts layout and thoroughly reduced the power requirements not only on the hardware side but also on the software side. After repeating evaluation tests and adding many improvements, we finally completed the product. Furthermore, since the high-speed electric signal used for the internal connection in this product is characterized by high attenuation due to transmission, we needed to develop new technologies and mechanisms for keeping the quality of the signal within the permissible range.

What features of the GE-PON system are well regarded by customers?

Recently, services such as video distribution and provision of high-definition content have been blended into our lifestyles. Under these circumstances, our 10 Gbps technology, which can support such services, has awakened great expectations among telecommunications carriers and cable television operators. Furthermore, since we can offer optional functions suited to customers’ needs in addition to the basic functions, customers appreciate our capability to build the specific network that they require.


・DPoE is a trademark or a registered trademark of US-based Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

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