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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.435]

Group Company of the Month: SETI

SEI Trading India Pvt. Ltd. (SETI) was established in 2011 as the successor of the Group’s representative office founded in 1996 in New Delhi, in order to increase the presence of the Sumitomo Electric Group in the growing Indian market. Since its establishment, SETI has served as the sales base of the Network Products Sales & Marketing Unit. Although the major business areas of SETI are the sale of information and communications products and the maintenance of fusion splicers, the company also sells air springs and superconducting wires, and provides business support for the Group’s other divisions doing business in India. The company will strengthen its efforts to enter new fields, such as the environment and renewable energy markets, which are expected to grow considerably, thereby contributing to the development of the Group’s business in India.

【Reporter】Tatsuya Teramoto

Report from SETI, which strives to develop the Group’s business in India as the sales base of the Network Products Sales & Marketing Unit in the growing Indian market

Tatsuya Teramoto


Confident of further expanding our business through respecting our customers and gaining trust, but asserting ourselves all the same

SETI is located in the new emerging commercial area of Gurgaon, Haryana, an approximately 30 minute drive from the Delhi International Airport and about 45 minutes from the center of New Delhi.

In December 2009, I was transferred to the Group’s representative office in India, the forerunner of SETI. In my first year here, I was very busy considering the transformation of the representative office into a local subsidiary and preparing for the establishment of SETI. Now that SETI has been founded successfully, although it is a small company with a total staff of five, I serve as the representative of the company and engage in company management, while also playing the role of a salesperson to explore new markets and respond to customer needs in our new business fields, such as those related to railroads and the environment and renewable energy.

When doing business in India, interaction and communication with people in the country is crucial. Basically, drinking is allowed in this country (although not in some states). Many more young people today certainly drink, but they are still the minority. This means that it is rare to form closer relationships with people in the country through so-called nominication (getting to know each other through drinking together). Although I sometimes find it difficult to become better acquainted without nominication, I feel that the key is respecting others and at the same time expressing your opinions clearly.

SETI is a very young company; 2013 is only our third year of operation. We will continue to strive to gain our customers’ trust and further expand our business.

With the executive manager and staff who worked for SETI’s establishment

SETI staff

■Profile of Local Staff Members

Shantibrata Chatterjee

Shantibrata Chatterjee

Since I joined SETI in November 1999, I’ve had many opportunities to try a wide variety of jobs, making my days very fulfilling. Also, I’m very lucky to have superb colleagues and I’ve made a lot of friends. Thanks to them, I can really enjoy myself here. I’d like to offer prayers to my deity, hoping that I will be blessed with the power and wisdom to continue contributing to the development of Sumitomo Electric. India is a country of diversity with a history of more than 5,000 years. Please visit this wonderful country!

Anshu John

Anshu John

Hello, everyone. I began to work for SETI in January 2012. Since then, inspired by everyone around me, I’ve been working as a member of the general affairs and accounting team. SETI is a comfortable place to work and provides a very good setting for career development. My colleagues always give me support and encouragement. While receiving support from my colleagues and my family, I’d like to continue working for SETI for many more years to come, and try a wide variety of jobs and take every possible opportunity to further develop myself.

【Places of Interest】India Striving to Become the World’s Largest Democratic Country



India, home to more than 1.2 billion people, is the world’s second most populous country next to China. Known as a country of diversity, India is a place where you can observe almost all the world’s major religions: Hinduism (approximately 80% people in the country are Hindus), Islamism, Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Since each religion holds its own festivals in different regions at different times, there is usually a festival being held somewhere in the country at any given time throughout the year. Of particular note is Holi, which is one of the three largest festivals in India. At this event, people, regardless of age and gender, spray colored water and powder onto each other to celebrate the advent of spring.


In India, a very large country, each region has a different climate. In Delhi, in April to June, the temperature often exceeds 40°C, while in December and January, it sometimes comes down to nearly 0°C. Since my home has a marble floor, I feel very chilly in winter, making heating apparatuses essential. Some Japanese people in India bring kotatsu (low table with a heat source underneath) and electric carpets from Japan.

At a wedding ceremony

Romance and Marriage

In India, where family ties are emphasized, most people choose marriages arranged by their parents (especially their fathers). Although I sometimes see young couples dating in urban areas, many people seem to think that romance is different from marriage. A wedding ceremony usually lasts more than a week and consists of various rituals and events, some of which are held outdoors (such as parades and dancing). Such ceremonies are usually held in winter, a comfortable season in this country. Actually, I’ve attended several wedding ceremonies so far, and I was overwhelmed by the wide variety of rituals, as well as how gorgeous and flamboyant the ceremonies were.


Green mark for vegetarians; red mark for non-vegetarians

Indian Cuisine

Featuring a wide variety of spices, the very delicious Indian cuisine is one of the things that people in India are truly proud of before the whole world. Although some Japanese people in India may feel somewhat hesitant to eat Indian cuisine every day, I’m sure that if they don’t eat it for a while, they will have an irresistible urge to try it again. You can enjoy different tastes, specialties, and eating customs in different regions. In the northern areas such as Delhi, the staple food is bread, while the staple of the southern areas is rice. There is a wide variety of bread available, such as nan, chapatti, and roti. As there are many vegetarians due to religious reasons, all food sold in shops is clearly marked as to whether it is for vegetarians or for non-vegetarians.

Power Outages

In India, which experiences chronic power shortages, power outages often occur nationwide. Since outages take place frequently almost everywhere in the country, it is indispensable to equip major buildings and homes with a backup, such as power generators. In some cases, however, such backups do not work properly, forcing the occupants to live with candles and to put their precious food, including meat and fish sent over from neighboring countries and Japan, into the garbage. The threat of power shortages is certainly one of the elements obstructing the development of India, but this also provides opportunities for energy-related business.

Bollywood Movies

Bollywood* Movies

India is the world’s largest movie country; the movie is the prime leisure activity for many citizens in this country. What spices up Bollywood movies is Bollywood dancing. Viewers are captivated by the sudden onset of rhythmical and powerful dance scenes in the movies.

*Bollywood --- a coined word from “Bombay,” the former name of Mumbai, and “Hollywood”

Company Profile


Company name SEI Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
Established July 28, 2011
Business Sales of information and communications products, and items related to social infrastructure such as railroads, as well as maintenance of fusion splicers
Representative Tatsuya Teramoto
Employees 5 (Japanese expat: 1)
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