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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.434]

Sumitomo Electric Networks Begins Shipment of Android-based Smart IP Set-Top Box to NTT Plala

Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc. has begun shipment of its Stream Cruiser Smart TV 3200 (ST-3200) Android-based IP set-top box*1 for the video streaming service of “Hikari TV” provided by NTT Plala. The ST-3200 comes with the following new functions to enable enhanced usability by subscribers.


■New Functions

  • - Triple tuner function allowing recording of two channels simultaneously*2 while watching a third TV channel.
  • - Streaming of video content to smartphones and tablets using DLNA*3

Furthermore, the high performance hardware, which operates 10 times faster than its predecessors, and the in-house developed middleware*4 afford an extensive range of services such as terrestrial digital broadcasting, BS and multi channels, video on-demand, music, karaoke, e-books, and shopping, which have been available from “Hikari TV.” Also available are “Hikari TV games,” which are the first cloud-based games for TV in Japan, and “Hikari TV applications,” which are downloaded in the same manner as with a smartphone, but are then enjoyed on a larger TV screen.

Sumitomo Electric Networks will continue to provide high quality and easy-to-use products in order to support video streaming services, which are expected to become even more sophisticated in the future.

*1 Terminal receiving video data sent from broadband lines for viewing on a TV.

*2 Requires external USB-HDD for recording.

*3 Method of mutually providing music and video content between digital devices connected to a home network.

*4 Software operating between the operating system (OS) and applications. Includes video viewing, recording function, DLNA function, copyright control function, video content protection function, remote firmware update function, etc.

- StreamCruiser is a trademark or registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

- Android is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc.

- DLNA is a trademark or registered trademark of Digital Living Network Alliance.


Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc.

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