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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.430]

Diffraction Optical Element for Laser Processing Wins Laser Society of Japan’s “Industrial Incentive Prize” and Japan Fine Ceramics Association’s “Technology Promotion Prize”

The Laser Society of Japan awards industrial incentive prizes to parties and individuals who help develop society through prominent new laser/optical products and technologies, while the Japan Fine Ceramics Association grants industrial incentive prizes to parties and individuals who have achieved remarkable results using innovatively new products, technologies, and inventions.

Surface pattern

The diffraction optical element (DOE) for laser processing that has won the above two prizes diffracts light via fine textures formed on ZnSe* or quartz glass. This element separates a laser beam into many separate beams or equalizes the cross-sectional intensity distribution of the laser beam.

The DOE makes it possible to process materials by simultaneously irradiating multiple points with laser beams in order to cut materials for rectangular and various other shaped parts and to draw lines on surfaces of materials by irradiating them with laser beams of uniform intensity. The wide array of industrial applications of this optical element ranges from cutting and welding of materials in steelmaking and automobile-making to boring small holes in electronic devices and treating surfaces of liquid crystal and semiconductor devices.

Industrial Incentive Prize of the Laser Society of Japan at its 5th conference

Technology Promotion Prize for FY2012 from the Japan Fine Ceramics Association

Composed of zinc (Zn) and selenium (Se), this compound transmits a CO2 laser at a high efficiency and also transmits a visible guide light (red and green laser).
Sumitomo Electric synthesizes ZnSe.


Advanced Materials R&D Laboratories,
Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp.

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