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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.429]

Group Company of the Month: SEAC

Sumiden Asia (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (SEAC) is a sales company of optical components, information and communications devices, special steel wires, semi-conductors, special materials, and electricity-related products. Headquartered in Shenzhen City, SEAC has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan. In 2011, the company began market planning in the smart grid-related field. With its International Procurement Office (IPO) in Shenzhen to support procurement, as well as its maintenance center for optical fiber fusion splicers in Beijing, the company supports Sumitomo Electric Group’s business activities in China in all the operational aspects of procurement, planning, sales, and maintenance.

【Reporter】Shin Kakuya Manager Power/Telecom/New Business Development Group

A report from SEAC, China, which supports Sumitomo Electric Group’s business activities in China as a sales company of optical components, information & communications products, etc.

Shin Kakuya
Power/Telecom/New Business Development Group


Working as a sales representative for various divisions and identifying customers’ financial condition in order to receive orders

I was transferred to SEAC Shanghai office in May 2012. Currently, I’m involved in sales in the information & communications field (optical fibers and optical fiber fusion splicers) and the electrical and electrical conductor field (wire rods and power cable accessories), as well as sales of special materials (semi-conductors and heat sinks). It is rare for us to deliver optical fiber fusion splicers and power cable accessories directly to communications companies and power companies.

We usually deliver such products to construction companies and Chinese cable companies. We always try to identify not only the customers’ sales situation, but also their inventories and financial condition, and to reflect such information into our efforts to obtain orders. I spend about half a month on business trips visiting our customers in the coastal cities, such as Beijing and Shenzhen, and sometimes even in the inland areas, such as Chunking, Xian, and Kunming. At my destinations, I often interact with customers and agents over drinks after necessary meetings. I feel that as well as in Japan, in China, it is important to communicate over drinks.

Also, in terms of communication, it is important to acquire the local language. However, partly because many staff members at SEAC speak English or Japanese, I have made only a little progress in my learning of Chinese. In 2013, I am striving to acquire the Chinese language!

  Company trip to Wuhan   Optical fiber fusion splicers maintenance center (Beijing)  
■Profiles of Local Staff Members

Ro Rigin

Ro Rigin

Hello, everyone. I’m Ro Rigin of IPO. I joined SEAC in 2010. My major responsibilities consist of equipment procurement. The IPO of SEAC has seven staff. To realize “max quality cost delivery,” we work very hard. I’m very satisfied with my job, which makes me feel fulfilled every day. In December 2012, I participated in the purchasing division’s QC report meeting held in Japan. I will continue to work hard to contribute to the company.

Tan Cheng

Tan Cheng

I’m Tan Cheng of the Beijing office. At the establishment of the SEAC Beijing office in June 2008, I was transferred from Sumitomo Electric’s representative office in Beijing to SEAC. I’m engaged in providing maintenance services for optical fiber fusion splicers and selling maintenance components. Since maintenance service plays an important role in expanding the sales of optical fiber fusion splicers, I will continue to focus on promoting such service.

In my free time, I like traveling and exploring delicious food. When I’m off, I enjoy beautiful scenery and wonderful dishes in various parts of China. Beijing is home to a wide variety of scenic spots and places of historic interest. Please visit our city.

【Places of Interest】From Shenzhen and Beijing

Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) East

Canton cuisine (Shenzhen) - familiar to the palate of Japanese people

The annual average temperature of Shenzhen is approximately 22℃, making the city a very comfortable place. The sightseeing destination representing this city is the China Folk Culture Village. Here, you can learn about the life, culture, and arts of ethnic minorities in China. If you want to enjoy sightseeing with your family, a renowned option is the Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) East, a theme park.

As for food, Canton cuisine, one of the four major styles of Chinese dishes, is characterized by its light taste, which I think would please the palate of most Japanese people. The city’s renowned fruit is litchis. Tours from Japan to harvest litchis here are often held in the fruit season from May to July.

Beijing Ancient Observatory established in the Ming Dynasty

Sightseeing sites where you can enjoy history (Beijing)

Beijing is home to many sightseeing sites where you can enjoy history, such as the National Palace Museum (World Heritage site). The renowned Great Wall of China is located in the suburbs (approximately three hour-drive). This place is such a popular destination that its walking route is almost entirely clogged by sightseers on holidays, such as the lunar New Year and the Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese-style dumplings - typical home-cooked meal (Beijing)

One of the dishes popular in Beijing is Chinese-style dumplings. At a restaurant near our office, you can enjoy more than 30 varieties of Chinese-style dumplings, with each plate costing approximately 20 yuan (approximately 280 yen). In northern China, Chinese-style dumplings are a typical home-cooked meal; many families cook the dumplings when their family members gather together at the time of the lunar New Year and other occasions. If you prefer something sweet, why not try bing tang hu lu? Called a special feature of winter in Beijing, this is candied fruit, such as haw, on a bamboo skewer.


Chinese-style dumplings


Bing tang hu lu, a typical sweet food in Beijing

  Deep fried crispy chicken, a Canton cuisine   Fried moth larvae and bees (Yunnan)  

Company Profile


Company name Sumiden Asia (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Established February 26, 2008
Business Sales of optical components, optical fiber fusion splicers, optical devices, optical cables, power cable products, etc.
President Katsuya Masuike
Employees 65
(Japanese expats: 4)
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