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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.423]

Group Company of the Month: STHC

S.E.I. Thai Holding Co., Ltd. (STHC) was established in 1997 as the Sumitomo Electric Group’s financial center in Thailand. Subsequently, the center expanded its business scope to provide support regarding HR and labor affairs and information systems. As of 2012, the center is even providing support to Sumitomo Electric Group’s companies in Cambodia and Vietnam. Having been restored from the damage inflicted by last year’s flooding, the Thai economy is now gaining further momentum toward growth. Since 2010, the Sumitomo Electric Group has been establishing one manufacturing company per year, all the while broadening its businesses every year. This year marks STHC’s 15th anniversary. All the staff members at the company are making concerted efforts to provide even better support.

【Reporter】Masaaki Shimono STHC

A report from STHC, which works hard on a daily basis to provide even better support for Sumitomo Electric Group’s affiliated companies

Masaaki Shimono


Struggling every day to provide even better support regarding general business systems, including IT, in the ASEAN region

I was transferred to STHC in December 2008 as a staff member in charge of the information system. I offer general IT support for Sumitomo Electric Group’s companies in Thailand and its neighboring countries. My job includes the establishment and improvement of business systems, the introduction and management of networks, the implementation of information security countermeasures, and the provision of support concerning computer businesses on a daily basis. In Thailand, information security countermeasures that are as sophisticated as those in Japan are strongly in demand these days, and such countermeasures are becoming more and more important year by year. Since the type and quantity of available software and hardware were limited, it was difficult to implement appropriate countermeasures completely. Thanks to the cooperation of other departments in Japan and Thailand, however, it is becoming possible to achieve the Sumitomo Electric Group’s standards.

With the favorable conditions of the Thai economy, the Sumitomo Electric Group has been steadily increasing its group companies, leading us to cover a wider area for support service. If no change is made to our existing system with its base located in Bangkok, it will become difficult to offer sufficient support. In this regard, we are now considering every possible measure, such as developing local human resources and cooperating with related departments in Japan and other locations. To provide adequate IT support in the ASEAN region, we are tackling a wide variety of challenges on a daily basis.

At our office

■Profile of Local Staff Members

Chanpitch Suriyalert

Chanpitch Suriyalert

Hello, everyone. I’m Chanpitch Suriyalert. I joined STHC in July 2011 as an IT system engineer. At this company, I provide support regarding the introduction of new systems at the Sumitomo Electric Group’s affiliated companies in Thailand, and perform business analyses for restructuring systems. On top of that, I offer support concerning the introduction of encryption software and the management of licenses. Although I haven’t had enough experience here, as a member of STHC, I will continue to make sincere efforts to help further development of the Sumitomo Electric Group.

ナパポン チャイチャンパン

Napaporn Chaichanpan

Hello, everyone. I’m Napaporn Chaichanpan, an account manager at STHC. I joined STHC in 2001 and this year marks my 11th anniversary here. Through working at this company and providing support to the Sumitomo Electric Group’s affiliated companies in Thailand, I’ve learned a lot of things and acquired much expertise, which is not limited to that of accounting. Even in the short period of the past 11 years, the Sumitomo Electric Group has achieved great development. I look forward to seeing the Group’s further growth and development.

[Places of Interest] The Thai Characteristics: Affection and Respect for the Royal Family, as well as Strength Not to Give In to Trouble
Thai People with Affection and Respect for the Royal Family

Photographs of the King and the Queen displayed at STHC

Photographs and pictures of the King, the Queen, and other Royal Family members are observed everywhere in Thailand. They are displayed at many spots along expressways, on the walls of large buildings, and also in all the Sumitomo Electric Group’s affiliated companies in Thailand, including STHC, of course. All Thai people love the Royal Family and I imagine such photographs and pictures are displayed even in our staff members’ homes.

Staying Calm Even in the Occurrence of Trouble

Street submerged by the flood water

After I was transferred to Thailand, I witnessed a huge problem occur in this country almost every year: the occupation of airports by those opposed to the country’s former Prime Minister Thaksin in 2008; the occupation of streets by those who supported the former Prime Minister Thaksin in 2010; and the grave concern that the whole of Bangkok might be submerged by a flood in 2011. Even when hit by the flood, our Thai staff members remained calm, merely saying “My house is submerged today in knee-deep water,” “I came here today wading through waist-deep water,” or “I couldn’t go back to my home, so I’ve moved to an apartment.” These statements made me realize how strong they were.

Thai Cuisine Pleasing the Palate of Japanese People

Thai dishes

Food is one of the serious issues for many of Japanese people living abroad. In that sense, Thailand is very favorable for them. In Bangkok, there are many Japanese restaurants and supermarkets offering Japanese food (though at relatively high cost.) Additionally, there are many Chinese and Italian restaurants. However, the most popular gastronomic destination among those who visit Thailand on business or pleasure is a Thai restaurant. Although some of you might be afraid that Thai dishes are too hot, there are many Thai dishes that are not so hot, and most dishes definitely please the Japanese palate.


Guest House of the Bang Pa-In Palace


Varanus salvator


The Chiang Mai Temple


Buddha head in tree roots, Ayutthaya


Company Profile


Company name S.E.I. Thai Holding Co., Ltd.
Established September 1997
Business Support regarding HR and labor affairs and information systems
President Tomohiro Tomita
Employees 18 (Japanese expats: 4)
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