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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.422]

Group Company of the Month: KSM

Korea Sintered Metal Co., Ltd. (KSM) was established in 1987 as our joint venture with the Korean capital and the first overseas base of our Powder Metal Products Division. Since then, the company has manufactured and sold sintered parts mainly for automobiles and developed together with the ever-growing Korean automobile industry.

【Reporter】Osamu Fujioka KSM

A report from KSM, which has established a position of trust as the No. 1 supplier for the rapidly-advancing Hyundai-Kia Group in Korea and is making a significant contribution

Osamu Fujioka


Struggling to learn Hangul to master the Korean needed for smooth communication

In Korea, there are four automobile manufacturers. Of particular note is the Hyundai-Kia Group, which boasts outstanding growth indicated by a more than 10% annual increase in its automobile production volume over the past few years. In 2011, the group’s global production volume exceeded six million, making its presence in the market even more prominent.

As the number one supplier of sintered parts for the Hyundai-Kia Group, we have developed a position of trust within the group. We would like to further contribute to the progress of the Korean automobile parts industry, placing more emphasis on the development of new products and technologies.

I was transferred to KSM in April 2009. Working in general management, I’m committed to gathering information on trends in technological development in Japan, releasing information on our new products, responding to Japanese-affiliated customers, and enhancing quality awareness.

Although I can make myself understood in Japanese at KSM, it is important for me to master Korean to enable smooth communication and to ensure that I will be fully accepted by the local community. While Korean and Japanese are similar in grammar, I’m struggling with Hangul, the pronunciation of which is very difficult for us Japanese.


KSM staff


At the office

■Profile of Local Staff Members

John Donq

John Donq

Hello, everyone. I’m John Donq from the Technology Research Institute. Since I joined KSM in 1995, I’ve been working in development. For three years from 2004, I was on loan to a U.S. base of the sintering division, enabling me to extend my interactions with various members of the Sumitomo Electric Group. Currently, KSM is very busy handling many issues regarding development. We’re doing our best in every aspect and working very hard to satisfy our customers.

Ji He

Ji He

Hello. I’m Ji He from the sales department. I joined KSM in 2008 and I’m now engaged in processing sales in the sales department. I go to Japanese language school after work so that I will be able to use the language in my job and also for my own personal development.

I feel proud to be working for KSM, Korea’s largest sintered parts manufacturer, and I would like to continue to work hard at my various tasks.

[Places of Interest] Daegu, City where Culture and Industry are in Harmony
Herbal Medicine Cultural Festival Attracts Many People

Herbal Medicine Cultural Festival

KSM is located in Daegu, in the south-central part of Korea. Since Daegu may not be as familiar to you as Seoul or Pusan, I would like to give you an outline of the city.

Daegu, with a population of 2.5 million, is Korea’s fourth largest city after Seoul, Pusan, and Incheon. The city’s prosperous history as the political and economic center of the south-central part of Korea dates back to the Korean Dynasty period. Currently, Daegu is transforming itself into a textile city, with fashion and high-tech industries. Meanwhile, in terms of culture, the city has inherited the customs of the Silla period. In this cultural center, Confucianism once prevailed and the city has been renowned since ancient times as a center for a wide variety of herbal medicines. The Herbal Medicine Cultural Festival is held every May in the city, featuring an array of shops for these medicines, and attracting many people from all over Korea.

Historic Parks, Places of Recreation and Relaxation for Citizens

Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park: beautiful place for recreation and relaxation for citizens

There are many parks featuring historic sites in the city, including a former branch office of the Korean Dynasty, which serves as a place of recreation and relaxation for citizens. The suburbs are home to old temples too, attracting many visitors.

Korean Food Culture

Ttaro-gukbap: Daegu specialty dish

Many Korean dishes use hot red peppers, which made me hesitate to try Korean dishes when I was first transferred here. As time went on, however, I began to get used to these dishes, and now I feel that although they are certainly hot, they taste very good. I hear that the hot red peppers that are so basic to Korean dishes were actually introduced from Japan around 500 years ago.

In Korea, people sit around the table together in a large group and eat Korean-style set meals, grilled meat or other dishes, while chatting cheerfully to each other. In Japan, the Korea boom is continuing and I hope that many of you will visit Korea and try delicious Korean food.


Gatbawi (stone statue of Buddha on the mountaintop 850 meters above sea level)


Palgongsan (Located in the suburbs of Daegu, the mountain attracts many climbers.)


Daegu Stadium (venue of the 2011 IAAF World Championships in Athletics)


Jungangno (main street of Daegu)


Company Profile


Company name Korea Sintered Metal Co., Ltd.
Established March 1987
Business Manufacture and sales of sintered parts
President Kun Jin Lee
Employees 315 (Japanese expats: 3)
2012 Index
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