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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.421]

Group Company of the Month: SSWP

PT. Sumiden Serasi Wire Products (SSWP) was established in 1990 ahead of all other Sumitomo Electric Group companies as the Special Steel Wire Division’s local production company for prestressing steel materials. Our product range has gradually expanded since operations commenced in 1992, and the company today manufactures and markets prestressing steel materials, steel wires for springs, and steel cords for tires. The company, positioned as a crucial production base serving not only the rapidly growing Indonesian market but also catering to neighboring Asian markets, is eyeing further growth in the future.

【Reporter】Takafumi Matsui, SSWP

A report from SSWP, Indonesia, which is busily serving a booming sector amid remarkable economic development.

Takafumi Matsui


Staying on top of the rapidly changing global situation and business environment to focus on further corporate growth

SSWP is located in Bogor, south of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. The company manufactures and markets a wide variety of products including prestressing steel materials used for civil engineering and construction, steel wires for springs used mainly for motorcycles and automobiles, as well as bead wires and steel cords for reinforcing tires. Our current monthly production capacity stands at 5,500 tons.

Indonesia is enjoying remarkable economic development under a stable government. Consequently we are now extremely busy since the sector we serve is also booming, as infrastructure-building rapidly progresses, the motorcycle market becomes the third largest in the world, and as automobile and tire markets register year-on-year growth.

Under this favorable climate, SSWP employees are making concerted efforts to implement sound SEQCDD (Safety, Environment, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Research & Development) toward the goal of becoming a steel wire maker that serves not only the active demands of the Indonesian market but also contributes to development and growth across Asia.

I was appointed in February 2009 to take charge of the company’s sales and marketing and raw materials purchasing, both of which affect profit and loss significantly, and my responsibilities include negotiating with users and suppliers both at home and abroad, market research, drafting business plans, and fostering customer relationships in partnership with our manufacturing department.

Differences in cultures and customs, language barriers and the rapidly changing global situation and business environment pose daily challenges, but I am determined to focus efforts on the further development of SSWP.

SSWP staff

■Profile of Local Staff Members

Udin Syaripudin

Udin Syaripudin

I joined SSWP in 2001 as an engineer for the technical department, and am currently in charge of all technical aspects of bead wires and steel wires for springs. I am looking forward to engaging in the further enhancement of technical customer service and quality, applying the fruits of daily learning and past experience.

SSWP staff members are close like family. We not only support each other at work but get together on weekends to enjoy activities such as jogging and climbing.

Della Aullian

Della Aullian

Hello, everyone. Since joining the company in 2001, I have worked for the sales department, and am currently in charge of domestic sales of steel wires for springs, and product imports.

The Indonesian market for steel spring wires is expanding every year, making customer relations and sales expansion activities very busy, but I am finding my work fulfilling. Since my job involves frequent contact with Japanese people both inside and outside the Sumitomo Electric Group, I am currently studying Japanese for personal development. Once I become more fluent, I would love to visit Japan some day.

[Places of Interest] Enjoying the Urban Bustle and Tropical Ambience
Traffic Conditions in a Country where Motorcycles Reign Supreme

Motorcycles in rush hour traffic

Indonesia has a huge motorcycling population, meaning streets during morning and evening rush hours are clogged with not only cars but also numerous motorcycles. Local drivers astound with their techniques of miraculously dodging motorcycles that emerge without warning from left, right, front and rear.

Hot Spring Paradise Indonesia

People enjoying a hot spring

Indonesia is, like Japan, a volcanic country, with hot springs in many places. Even from the capital Jakarta, a hot spring is only a short drive away. Unlike Japan, though, the hot springs are not like bath houses but are more like hot rivers where bathers immerse themselves wearing swimsuits, but the hot springs are perfectly refreshing all the same.


A Country with One of the Greatest Numbers of Endemic Species in the World

Indonesia is among the countries in the world with a high number of endemic species, famous among them the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest species of lizard, and tarsiers, the smallest primates. The country is also home to rare plants such as Rafflesia arnoldii, which produces the largest flower on Earth, and Amorphophallus titanum, which produces the longest. I was very lucky to have had the chance to see both since they only bloom once in several years and last only a couple of days.

Indonesia boasts an endless variety of such rare fauna and flora. More accessible and enjoyable are trips to collect large rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles typical to the tropics, and snorkeling to catch close-up views of colorful fish, dolphins and sea turtles.

I highly recommend Indonesia as a destination for experiencing both urban bustle and tropical ambience.


Komodo dragon


Amorphophallus titanum inflorescence


Street in Jakarta


Prambanan Hindu temple


Borobudur Buddhist monument


Beach resort in Manado, divers’ mecca


Company Profile


Established December 1990
Business Manufacture and sales of prestressing steel materials, steel wires for springs, bead wires, and steel cords
President Koushu Kouno
Employees 503 (as of June 2012)
(Japanese expats: 5)
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