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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.419]

Sumitomo Electric receives an Industrial Development Award from the Japan Fine Ceramics Association.

Sumitomo Electric was awarded the Japan Fine Ceramics Association’s Industrial Development Award for the practical development of nano-polycrystalline diamond named “SUMIDIA BINDERLESS.”

This prize honors individuals, corporations, and organizations for their creative achievements in the development of the fine ceramics industry.

SUMIDIA BINDERLESS is an unprecedented new diamond created by combining newly developed ultrahigh pressure generation technology and direct conversion sintering technology. Consisting of several tens of nanometer microscopic diamond particles bonded directly and firmly to one another, the new material is much harder and stronger than a single crystal diamond. It also has superior heat resistance.

This award acknowledges that Sumitomo Electric has contributed to the development of Japan’s industrial technology by developing SUMIDIA BINDERLESS cutting tools, thereby accelerating size and weight reduction of and upgrading of electronic products and optical elements.

Award certificate

・“SUMIDIA” is a trademark or registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric.

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