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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.418]

Sumitomo Electric Group’s Global Operations?United Kingdom

40 Years since Branching Out into UK

The Sumitomo Electric Group has long had relations with the United Kingdom. In 1931, Britain was top among our export destinations, accounting for 56% in export amount. Later, Sumitomo Electric’s representative office opened in London, and in 1972 the first Sumitomo Electric group company was founded in the United Kingdom. Presently, five group companies operate there, having survived major changes in the business climate, such as liberalization of the Eastern Bloc, establishment of the European Union and the recent Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy.

■ Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Ltd. (SHL)

Cemented carbide indexable inserts

Regarding the hard metal business, in around 1960 Sumitomo Electric began exporting Igetalloy and dispatching representative officers. To move marketing activities into top gear, Sumitomo Electric established a sales company in the United Kingdom in 1984, following the establishment of a sales company in Germany in 1981.

Location London
Established 1984
Business Sales of cemented carbide, CBN (cubic boron nitride) and PCD (poly-crystalline diamond) cutting tools, wear-resistant tools and materials, optical parts for laser machines, diamond electronic parts, etc.
■ SEI Interconnect Products (Europe) Ltd. (SEPE)

Flexible flat cables

SEI Interconnect Products (Europe) Ltd. was established in 1996 as a manufacturer and distributor of flat cables. In 1999, SEPE became a manufacturer of electronic wire products. Presently, under the Head Office in Britain, its sales companies are situated in Germany, France and Italy.

Location Swansea Vale (Swansea)
Established 1996 (established as SEI Interconnect Products (UK), Ltd.; reorganized in 1999)
Business Sales of electronic wire products
■ Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Europe) Ltd. (SEWS-E)

Wiring harnesses

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Europe) Ltd., Sumitomo Electric’s manufacturing and distribution base in Europe, deals with automotive wiring harnesses, electronic equipment, electronic units, connectors and wiring harness components. Employees of the SEWS-E Group, including its subsidiaries, number some 15,000. The Group conducts business in 10 countries, including Hungary, Netherlands, Morocco and Egypt. SEWS-E is the core company in Sumitomo Electric’s wiring harness business in the European and North African regions.

Location Stoke-on-Trent (Staffordshire)
Established 1990 (became a subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric in 1999)
Business Manufacturing and sales of wiring harnesses and components for automobiles
■ Sumitomo Electric Europe Ltd. (SEEL)

XFP/X2/SFP+ optical data link

Sumitomo Electric Europe Ltd. has a long history as a Sumitomo Electric’s overseas operation. Its London branch opened in 1972, the same time as the establishment of SEEL. The company functions as Sumitomo Electric’s European headquarters and as a sales operation for information and communications products such as optical fibers, optical communications devices and optical fiber fusion splicers.

Location Elstree (Hertfordshire)
Established 1972 (established as Sumitomo Electric Europe S.A.; reorganized in 1996)
Business Market research, information collection, sales of Sumitomo Electric’s products, material procurement for Sumitomo Electric
[ Behind the Scenes ]

Fir tree

■ Fir Tree in Dorset Square

The SEEL office was formerly located adjacent to Baker Street, of Sherlock Holmes fame, near Dorset Square in the northwestern part of London. The office meeting room was made available for regular meetings of the neighborhood community association. SEEL deepened acquaintance with local residents to the extent that the head of the community association offered to plant a fir tree in Dorset Square as a token of the friendly relations existing between the community association and SEEL. The fir tree is still growing happily in the time-honored green space.

British furniture

■ Yew Furniture

When its office first moved, SEEL bought desks and display cabinets made of yew wood, the wood that was traditionally used in Japan to make the maces held by ancient court nobles. Yew is well known as a high-end timber in Europe and is used for furniture because it is hard and rigid. When the SEEL office moved again, the yew furniture was stored in a warehouse and forgotten about. Later it was found, and is presently back in use in Japan.

■ Sumitomo Electric Finance U.K. Ltd. (SEFL)

After the establishment of a number of Sumitomo Electric’s overseas affiliates, its first overseas financing arms were established in the United States and Europe in the 1980s, with the aim of improving funding efficiency for the Sumitomo Electric Group.

Location Elstree (Hertfordshire)
Established 1989
Business Financing for subsidiaries/affiliates in Europe; fund-raising relating to financing activity

■ Basic Information on U.K. (as of 2010)

Country name United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Official language English (Welsh, Gaelic, etc. used in some areas)
Capital London (population: approx. 7.58 million)
Area 243,000 km²
Population 61.8 million
GDP £1.313 trillion
Per capita GDP £36,120
Economic growth rate 1.3%
Inflation rate 3.3%

【Principal Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website】

・Igetalloy is a trademark or registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

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