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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.416]

Group Company of the Month: SEPG

Boasting a long history, Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Shenzhen), Ltd. (SEPG) was established in 1994 as Song Gang Electric Wire Factory (SGEW), Sumitomo Electric’s first contract processing plant of electronics products in China. The company manufactures mainly flexible printed circuit (FPC) products and electronic wire products. In April 2010, when a new capital injection and a company registration change were made, SGEW made a new start as SEPG, a member company of the Sumitomo Electric Group.

【Reporter】Shigeya Morigaki of SEPG

A report from SEPG, which promotes sales activities not only in southern China but also in other parts of the world in order to expand its markets.

Shigeya Morigaki of SEPG


Promoting transfer of functions from certain bases to improve each division’s capability

SEPG comprises a plant and a business office, both of which are located in Shenzhen City. While the business office is situated in the city’s business district near Hong Kong, the plant is in Songgang, approximately 40 km to the north. With the plant floor area extending to approximately 65,000 m² and the number of employees standing at more than 10,000, SEPG is a large production base of electronics products. With the cooperation of Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Hong Kong), Ltd. (SEPH), Sumitomo Electric’s sales company in Hong Kong, SEPG sells FPC products and electronic wire products all over the world, and also promotes sales especially in southern China, which is expected to grow as a big market.

I was transferred to the business office in August 2011; I have been here for only about half a year. Currently, I’m in charge of medical electronic wiring harness products and promoting the transfer of various functions in terms of design, procurement and other aspects to SEPG so as to better handle customer and deadline issues and improve local production capabilities.

Whenever a problem occurs, I have a discussion with local staff members and all those concerned in order to solve the problem. For routine matters, I can make myself understood to some extent in Japanese and English. However, to realize smooth communication and to be fully accepted by local society, I think that Chinese is essential, motivating me to begin to study the language intensively.


Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Hong Kong),Ltd.

■Profile of Local Staff Members

Qin Xiaojuan

Qin Xiaojuan

In 2000, I began working for SGEW, the forerunner of SEPG, and this year marks my 13th year at the company. I’m truly honored to have been able to participate in the wide range of projects related to the company’s development and growth, such as expansion of its production scale and establishment of a new company.

In January 2011, I was transferred from the FPC Div. to the Electron Beam Div. Currently, as the plant manager in charge of downstream processing of FPC products, I’m working on improving product quality, cost, and delivery. I will continue doing my best for the growth of the company. Your warm support is highly appreciated.

I like traveling. When I have only a little spare time, I enjoy doing fitness exercises and reading books.

Liu Yingxiu

Liu Yingxiu

Since 2008, I have been working in southern China for the sales of electronic wires and electron beams. Currently, I work at the SEPG business office. I still remember that when I received training for new employees, I was surprised that electric wires, which I often see in my daily life, were the result of incredibly well-thought out design and production processes. In my daily sales activities, I have emphasized the importance of appropriately fulfilling the demands of customers to establish relations of trust with them and having good teamwork with other divisions. Promoting cooperation among my team members, I will continue to endeavor to expand SEPG’s electric wire market share in China.

[Places of interest] Shenzhen, symbolic city of China’s outstanding development

Center of Shenzhen (left) and urban district (right)

City with a combination of high-rise buildings and agricultural villages

Shenzhen is a city symbolic of China’s recent outstanding growth. In the city’s urban district, where SEPG’s business office is located, is undergoing rapid development. High-rise buildings, as well as construction of streets and apartments, are found everywhere, conveying the impression of Shenzhen as a cutting-edge city experiencing modernization and globalization.

On the other hand, in the area around SEPG’s plant away from the center of the city, litchi orchards extend into the mountains and variously sized back-street factories are found here and there. Shenzhen is a city with the combination of “very new” and “very old” aspects.

Experiencing the atmosphere of foreign countries at Window of the World

Window of the World ? New York

Shenzhen is home to Window of the World, an amusement park with the theme of the world’s renowned structures and scenery. The amusement park has various facilities imitating a Greek temple, the pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, and many other world-class structures. The quality of the structures varies. It can be said that the amusement park is a good place to enjoy the atmosphere of foreign countries in a very casual way, and that such a place is, in a way, very unique to Shenzhen. Meanwhile, in Songgang, where SEPG’s plant is located, the streets and alleys form a labyrinth, surely providing excitement for those who stroll around the area.

Nanshan litchis, a fruit loved by empresses of the Tang Dynasty


Nanshan litchis from Shenzhen are very famous for their thick flesh and sweet juice, as well as for the fact that they were loved by empresses of the Tang Dynasty. The litchis bear fruit in June and ripen in summer. If you visit Shenzhen in summer, why not try the fruit?

Market with many items dynamically displayed

Shopping center near the SEPG business office

Shop selling decorations for the lunar New Year

Company Profile


Company name Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Shenzhen) Ltd.
Established April 2010
Business Manufacture and sales of FPC products and electronic wire products
President Yoshiki Yabuhara
Employees 10,113 (as of the end of December 2011)
(Japanese expats: 24)
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