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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.412]

Sumitomo Electric Receives Awards for its Excellent Products at the FY 2011 Kinki Block Invention Commendation Ceremony

At the FY 2011 Kinki Block Invention Commendation Ceremony held by the Hatsumei Kyokai, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. received the "Invention Incentive Award of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology" for its composite magnetic material, and the "Invention Incentive Award of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (Hatsumei Kyokai)" for its pluggable data link and air cushion for railroad vehicles.

These awards were established to recognize newly invented, excellent products that have greatly contributed to the progress of science and technology as well as the promotion of industries in Japan. Sumitomo Electric will continue to develop original, excellent products and thus contribute to the creation of a better society.


Mr. Yoshiyuki Shimada from Sumitomo Electric Sintered Alloy Ltd. (Left)

* Please note that personnel titles and names of departments were current at the time of publication.

Invention Incentive Award of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Solenoid valve parts made of composite magnetic material

■ Composite Magnetic Material (Japanese Pat. No. 4136936)

Sumitomo Electric invented the composite magnetic material jointly with Sumitomo Electric Sintered Alloy Ltd. and Denso Corp. This product is used as the core of the electromagnet to attract the movable valve of the injector solenoid valve installed in a next-generation diesel engine. This engine is drawing public attention as a fuel-saving, low CO2 emission technology.

Since automobile engine components are exposed to high temperatures, fuel injection valves require high heat resistance. Conventional composite magnetic materials, which are made by depositing a heat insulating film on magnetic iron powder, cannot ensure sufficient heat resistance though they have excellent magnetic characteristics. To overcome the disadvantage of conventional magnetic materials, we conducted various investigations and studies and finally solved the problem by adding an extremely small quantity of high-temperature resistant resin and using die-wall lubrication compacting method. The composite magnetic materials made by our new process simultaneously exhibit high-temperature strength, high density, and excellent magnetic characteristics.

This product was awarded the prize for its large contribution to the promotion of science and technology and the expansion of related industries through fuel efficiency improvement and exhaust emissions reduction.

Sumitomo Electric Sintered Alloy Ltd.,
Industrial Materials and Process Technology R & D Labs.

Invention Incentive Award of the Hatsumei Kyokai

Optical data link

■ Pluggable Data Link (Japanese Par. No. 4470851)

The pluggable data link, which was developed by Sumitomo Electric after extensive research, is a photoelectric conversion module suitable for use in an optical communication system. This product was awarded the prize for its excellent heat dissipation characteristic and magnetic shielding capability with a low-cost, mass-producible structural design that simplifies insertion into/removal from communication equipment.

Transmission Devices R & D Labs., Micro & Opto Devices Div.

■ Air Cushion for Railroad Vehicles (Japanese Pat. No. 4331423)

The air cushion for railroad vehicles, which was developed jointly by Sumitomo Electric and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., was awarded the prize for its extremely long service life. In particular, the inner structure of the inner cylinder rubber seat has been improved to minimize wear attributable to contact with the diaphragm.

Air cushion for railroad vehicles

Hybrid Products Div.

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