March 2014

March 26, 2014 9:55 AM

Ceremony to Present Donations to University Research Projects

Hello. I am Ikeda of the secretariat of the SEI Group CSR Foundation.

The SEI Group CSR Foundation was established in April 2009 for the purpose of developing human resources and promoting academic activities in various fields both in Japan and overseas. The Foundation was certified as a public service corporation in February 2010. As part of its efforts, on Wednesday, February 26 the Foundation held the FY 2013 ceremony to present donations to university research projects.

When you hear “university research projects,” what image do you have?

Something related to confusing numerical formulas or laboratories with an array of experimental equipment, perhaps? The university research projects that we present donations to this time are pursuing themes that you will find familiar.

One of the projects works on the cultivation of a fuel crop whose production will not compete with food production. (Plant Bioengineering for Bioenergy Laboratory at Osaka University) Striving for large-scale agricultural production of a fuel crop that can be grown even in dry, barren areas, the project promotes their research in Japan as well as in Africa and Southeast Asia.

The second is a project that is working on early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. (Project at Tohoku University conducting research on “neuro imaging”) As for Alzheimer’s disease, it has been identified that a certain type of protein is formed in a patient’s brain many years prior to the onset of the disease. If this protein is detected, it follows that early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease will become possible, leading even to prevention of the onset of the disease.

The last project deals with home care of patients with chronic heart disease. (Project at Saga University promoting research on terminal care for elderly patients with chronic heart disease) The project aims to develop a system under which a network connects patients with chronic heart disease at home with their medical institutions to provide remote support to ensure the patients can receive reliable nursing and medical care at home.

At the ceremony to present donations to university research projects

▲ At the ceremony to present donations to university research projects

On top of providing donations to these projects, the Foundation offers financial support to excellent academic research projects that lead to progress in scientific technologies and the development of industrial society, thereby helping many researchers promote their activities.

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