December 2013

December 16, 2013 2:22 PM

Lecture at Kagakukan-Daisuki-Club

Hello, I’m Okuda, a Senior Assistant Manager of Analysis Technology Research Center at Sumitomo Electric in Osaka, Japan.

On Sunday, October 20 at the Osaka Science Museum, I had an opportunity to introduce part of Sumitomo Electric’s research activities to members of the Kagakukan-Daisuki-Club*1 (KDC), a citizen’s group consisting of junior/senior high school and university students and working adults who study science at the museum. This lecture drew approximately 20 persons, including students from Osaka City Higashi Senior High School, which is designated as a super science high school (SSH*2).

Prior to the lecture, I was asked by the event organizer to ensure that the lecture would serve as an opportunity for young people with an interest in science to know that there were future careers in which they could continue what they liked doing. In this regard, I spoke from the perspective of how useful school science classes were for actual manufacturing.

On the day of the event, I described the history and business activities of Sumitomo Electric, and explained about the development of superconductive materials and magnesium alloys, as well as about the analysis jobs available at my organization, the Analysis Technology Research Center. Some audience members asked me specific questions concerning our development challenges, indicating that they had listened to me very attentively. I hope that the lecture will encourage participating students to consider their future careers.

Following the lecture, I visited the Osaka Science Museum’s exhibition section regarding the science history of Osaka, which included an explanation of the history of Sumitomo’s copper rolling business. At other sections, I was able to actually touch the exhibited items and try various experiments, making the museum tour very interesting and fun. Why not visit the Osaka Science Museum one day?

*1: The Kagakukan-Daisuki-Club holds monthly meetings, where members can listen to lectures from researchers, such as university professors, carry out experiments using easily obtained items, and make handicrafts. In addition, when an event is held at the Osaka Science Museum, they demonstrate simple experiments using handmade tools so that visitors to the museum will become more familiar with science.

*2: Super science high school (SSH) is designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a high school with an emphasis on the teaching of technologies, science, and mathematics.

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