January 2012

January 31, 2012 8:56 AM

FY2011 Scholarship Award Ceremony at Soochow University, China

Hello! My name is Yan, I work for Sumitomo Electric Management (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. (SMS)

Currently in its fourth year, the scholarship program at Soochow University is part of the activities of the SEI Group CSR Foundation(※). The scholarship award ceremony for fiscal 2011 took place on December 16, 2011 at Soochow University.

This program, one of the scholarship programs offered by Sumitomo Electric Group CSR Foundation in Japan and abroad to develop human resources in accordance with its basic policies on social contributions, provides scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in science and technology fields. Suzhou City and its environs host eight of Sumitomo Electric Group companies, including those specializing in electronics, information & communications, systems, and automotive businesses. The scholarship program was begun in 2008 to contribute back to the local community and to cultivate human resources.

At the award ceremony, Mr. Tonai, CEO of Sumitomo Electric Photo-Electronics Components (Suzhou), Ltd. offered words of congratulations and encouragement to 19 scholarship winners who are either in their second or third year at Soochow University. A representative of the scholarship students returned words of thanks and delivered a presentation about future study plans. There was also a presentation outlining the Sumitomo Electric Group, followed by time for questions and answers, which I believe provided the students a chance to better understand the Group’s corporate ethos, global human resource management (HRM) policies, and corporate culture.

This was the second time I attended the award ceremony. As last year, I was impressed by how distinguished the scholarship students were, and was happy that the ceremony was very successful. This year I had the opportunity to talk to students about my tasks and responsibilities at work. Deciding on what to include in my speech was not easy. At the same time, I was very excited as a member of the Sumitomo Electric Group about the chance to promote the Company, and made my presentation so students would become familiar about Sumitomo Electric through accounts of my day-to-day work. After the award ceremony I was very grateful to hear from faculty members and students that the approachable presentation brought the Sumitomo Electric Group closer to the students.

I very much look forward to meeting outstanding and highly motivated students next year as well.

 Scholarship students

▲ Scholarship students

(※) SEI Group CSR Foundation:
This foundation was established in April 2009 for the purpose of developing human resources and promoting academic excellence in various fields both in Japan and overseas. It became a public interest incorporated foundation in February 2010.

♪ Related link: SEI Group CSR Foundation website http://www.sei-group-csr.or.jp/(Japanese)

Sumitomo Electric Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SMS)
SMS provides legal, financial, personnel, information systems, logistics, procurement, and manufacturing technology services for Sumitomo Electric Group companies in China.

January 23, 2012 10:15 AM

The 12th TRI Charity Concert

Hello, I'm Tonari,and I work for the Corporate Citizenship Office at Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.(TRI)

Let me talk about the TRI Charity Concert today. This concert was first held in 2000 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of TRI's establishment. As part of our social contribution activities, each year we invite to the concert local residents who win tickets by lottery.

On Sunday, November 6, 2011, we held the 12th TRI Charity Concert at Komaki-shi Shimin Kaikan. Despite the rainy weather, the concert venue was almost full, with 1,120 guests. We again invited world-renowned maestro Kazuyoshi Akiyama as conductor, and violinist Yasuko Otani as soloist. She is one of the most famous violinists in Japan and often appears on TV. Since it was publicized that the concert program would include two great violin concertos, by Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky, performed by Ms.Otani, the concert attracted much attention; the lottery was highly competitive, with 3,500 applications.

The purpose of the charity concert this year was to support survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake. We made it clear that donations from guests would support the non-profit organization Ashinaga's fund-raising efforts to help children orphaned by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami; we placed a donation box at the concert hall entrance. Thanks to the generosity of many people, we were pleased to collect 400,000 yen, exceeding the previous year's amount.

The charity concert, which marked its 12th year this year, has become a pillar of TRI's community contribution activities. We will continue holding this event in the future.

TRI Charity Concert

▲ TRI Charity Concert

Donation box at entrance

▲ Donation box at entrance

Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.
Tokai Rubber (headquartered in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture), celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2009. The company supplies industry with rubber products utilizing its composite material technologies and advanced processing technologies, which include not only its core business of auto parts, but also precision parts for office equipment and other industrial materials. The company has expanded its production facilities to eight countries in four core regions of the world, where it aims to maintain uniform quality worldwide and achieve the world's top quality.

Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd. website: http://www.tokai.co.jp/english/

January 13, 2012 2:50 PM

Sumiden Sizai Kakou volunteers at the table tennis championships for the physically disabled

I am Terasaka; I work for the Administration Department of Sumiden Sizai Kakou Co., Ltd.

This year, through major natural disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 and Typhoon Talas (No. 12), I was reminded of the importance of family ties. This year I was also cheered by the happy news of Nadeshiko Japan's winning the FIFA Women's World Cup. I sincerely hope that next year will be a good one.

The International Class Division Table Tennis Championships for the Physically Disabled is held every November at Osaka City Maishima Sports Center for Persons with Disabilities. Sumiden Sizai Kakou's Osaka Office does volunteer work for the championships every year, with Sumitomo Electric's Osaka Works and other organizations based in Konohana-ku. The championships, a two-day event, is held with participation of wheelchair players and players with limb impairment from around the country.

The volunteer work includes ensuring that the event runs smoothly, by picking up balls that fall from tables and handing them to players during practice sessions and games; calculating and posting scores, and distributing boxed meals to players. Each year, the volunteer work is done by about 100 people from companies based in Konohana-ku, 5 members from Sumiden Sizai Kakou and 9 members from Sumitomo Electric's Osaka Works.

Through this volunteer work, I am always impressed not only by players' excellent table tennis skills, but also by their great sportsmanship, shown through their passion and commitment to win and their attitude of praising their opponents with applause after games.

Every time I see them playing full out, I feel as if we volunteers were being given a pep talk, like "you are not working hard enough!"


Sumiden Sizai Kakou Co., Ltd.

Sumiden Sizai Kakou Co., Ltd.
The Osaka Office of Sumiden Sizai Kakou Co., Ltd. focuses on recycling business, including recovering discarded electrical wire and recycling coating materials. In the strong belief that environmental conservation efforts with a global perspective should be part of corporate social responsibility, the Company strives to contribute to society by recycling industrial waste and reducing negative environmental impact.

Sumiden Sizai Kakou Co., Ltd.’s website: http://www.sei-skc.co.jp/ (Japanese)