December 2011

December 14, 2011 1:05 PM

Inviting Junior High School Student to Our Work Site

Dear All, my name is Venus and I work for Sumitomo Electric International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (SEIS).

SEIS started its CSR activities last year. As part of the activities, we invite Japanese junior high school students to our company for one-day occupational experience. This gives the students practical experience of working at a company.

On October 27th, a 14 years old student arrived at our company at 9 o’clock in the morning. After a short orientation about the company’s business operations and a brief overview of what each department does, he was assigned to the Accounting Department, where I work. First, our boss explained major accounting terms and duties of our department. Then, my two colleagues and I gave him practical guidance in turn. We showed him our daily tasks such as data entry using accounting software, dealing with checks and telegraphic transfers, and issuance of receipts and payment vouchers. As each of us used different types of accounting software, he could learn three different ways to do similar work.

Eight hours were too short to see everything at our work site, however, we hope he enjoyed the working experience and gained some knowledge on accounting terms and skills. I also hope that his memory at our company will last long with the happy photos taken at the end of the program with us, the three “o-nee-san” (big sisters in Japanese) who enjoyed this CSR activity.

We enjoyed working with him!

▲ We enjoyed working with him!

 We took a photo in front of SEIS entrance.

▲ We took a photo in front of SEIS entrance.

Sumitomo Electric International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (SEIS)
SEIS is charged with providing Sumitomo Electric Group companies located in Southeast Asia with support and instruction regarding financial duties, international purchasing, logistics, information systems, personnel management and international legal affairs. (Photo:Exterior view of the building in which SEIS is located)

December 12, 2011 3:55 PM

We introduce a TABLE FOR TWO program, which allows everyone to easily contribute to society

How do you do, everyone? I'm Masumi Suzuki of Tokyo HR Group.
Today let me tell you about the TABLE FOR TWOTWO (TFT) program, which was introduced at a cafeteria at our Tokyo head office on October 3.

Launched in autumn 2007, TFT is a social action program run by TABLE FOR TWO International, a nonprofit organization founded in Japan. Under the concept of "A donation of 20 yen per meal in developed countries leads to one meal in developing countries," the program is designed to address the problems of obesity and lifestyle-related illnesses in developed countries as well as hunger in developing countries — Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi and South Africa. Many companies and organizations participate in this program to contribute to society and support health management of their staff members.

The program was publicized using this poster one week before it was launched

▲ The program was publicized using this poster one week before it was launched

With the support of Tokyo Catering Co., Ltd., our cafeteria service provider, a TFT menu that meets the TFT guidelines (low-calorie, well-balanced healthy menu including many vegetables) is offered daily at our cafeteria and 20 yen is donated from the sale of each meal.

To prepare for the introduction of this program, we publicized the program through posters one week before and distributed fliers the day before. Maybe through such efforts, the TFT menu has been popular among health-conscious people and people on diets.

Everyone is enjoying TFT meals

▲ Everyone is enjoying TFT meals

I choose a TFT meal every day because I'm on a diet.

▲ I choose a TFT meal every day because I'm on a diet.

We intend to keep offering TFT menus that will focus not only on low calorie content but also on tastiness.

It has been only one month since the program was introduced at our cafeteria, but I hope that it will give everyone an opportunity to think about the current state of African countries far away from Japan as an issue close at hand.

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December 6, 2011 4:50 PM

A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. participates in Sakata Industry Fair

Hello, I'm Tsuchida, and I work for the General Affairs Group of A.L.M.T. TECH Inc.

Our booth at Sakata Industry Fair

▲ Our booth at Sakata Industry Fair

Sakata Industry Fair is a business exhibition held by Sakata City Government, Yamagata Prefecture every autumn to promote local businesses and revitalize local industries. A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. has participated in this exhibition from its inception.

Although our company is in its 11th year since its establishment, considering the history of our forerunner, which established its plant in Sakata City, our ties with the city date back 65 years. Such being the case, as part of our contribution to the local community, and with the hope of blending more into the community by letting the local people know more about us, we have exhibited our products and organized an event for children at this industry fair.

Specifically, we organized a metal weight comparison quiz event for the fair this year, which was held on October 1 and 2. At this event we let visitors experience the difference in specific gravities between tungsten/molybdenum (basic materials for our products) and general-purpose metals. The event succeeded in attracting many visitors, ranging from children to the elderly. We are planning to organize a new event that will be enjoyed by many visitors to the fair next year.

As part of our community contribution initiatives, we have also donated black pine seedlings and arranged volunteer tree planting.

In Sakata City, trees have been planted to protect houses and fields from wind and sand. Although a great black pine windbreak forest stretches along the coastline, inside Hikarigaoka Park in Sakata City there was an area where no black pine trees grew. Upon a request from the city government in 2008, we donated 400 black pine seedlings to be planted in the area. The seedlings were planted by a total of 150 people, including local elementary school children, NPO organization members and our company staff. Initially those seedlings were 30 cm high, but now, three years later, they have grown to be one meter high and are gradually beginning to play a role in preventing wind and sand. We have renewed our determination to grow neck and neck with these thriving black pine trees.

400 black pine seedlings donated to Sakata City

▲ 400 black pine seedlings donated to Sakata City

Now the trees have grown to be one meter high.

▲ Now the trees have grown to be one meter high.

A.L.M.T. TECH Inc.

A.L.M.T. TECH Inc.
In the year 2000, A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. was established as a manufacturing subsidiary of A.L.M.T. Corp., which was formed from a merger of Tokyo Tungsten Co., Ltd. and Osaka Diamond Industries Co., Ltd. A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. manufactures refractory and electrode electronic components and other types of electronic components using tungsten and molybdenum materials, as well as functional components, such as heat sink, heavy metal and ceramics components using copper tungsten, copper molybdenum and AlSiC materials. Our products are used as leading-edge parts and processed products for information and telecommunication facilities, automobiles and various other products in a wide range of areas.

December 2, 2011 4:35 PM

Osaka Works' Volleyball Club Participates in the 12th Zao Cup

I'm Komoto and I am in charge of operational management of Osaka Works' volleyball club.

Osaka Works' volleyball club participated in the 12th Zao Cup, held on October 9 and 10 at Tohoku Ricoh Tohoku Kaikan Arena in Shibata-machi, Miyagi Prefecture, an area devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake, which is still fresh in our memory.

Tohoku Ricoh, from the Tohoku region, were our opponents in the final at the National Sports Festival of Japan held in Chiba Prefecture last year, and they have always been close competitors. Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, on the request of other volleyball teams across Japan, our club took a leadership role in collecting and sending donations to Tohoku Ricoh team members who were affected by the disaster. At the All-Japan Corporate Team Championships held in Yamagata Prefecture last July, we also led a project that produced "recovery support" T-shirts and donated a part of the sales proceeds to affected areas through a tie-up with sports-goods manufacturers and other teams. Although the amount of donations was small, I hope it was of some help.

Opening ceremony

▲ Opening ceremony

Until last year, the Zao Cup has been held every year in early spring with the participation of volleyball teams from the Kanto and Tohoku regions. However, the event was postponed until autumn this year because of the impact of the disaster. This year's Zao Cup was made possible through the enthusiasm of Tohoku Ricoh's volleyball team, which hoped that a nine-man volleyball event would be held to help pray for the recovery of the disaster-stricken areas. The 12th Zao Cup was thus held with the participation of the previous year's top-ranked teams -- Tohoku Ricoh (Miyagi), Yokogawa Electric (Tokyo), Sanden (Gunma) and Sumitomo Electric (Osaka).

The officials who devoted themselves to organizing this year's event included those who lost their parents and parents' homes to the tsunami. All the players and team staff were impressed to see all the officials and indeed the entire local community working together to make the event a success.

The local Tohoku Ricoh volleyball team won the Zao Cup this year. I believe this victory can be attributed to the combination of their determination to win and the enthusiasm of the local volleyball association and residents who committed themselves to organizing the event.

Our team, consisting primarily of young members, finished in third place, because their performance level was not quite good enough. But the club members were able to visit the affected areas themselves, gain first hand information that would otherwise have only been available through news reports, and realize the scale of the damage and what they should do as members of society.

We hoped that we would be able to encourage, cheer up and bring a smile to the local people by playing full out. Instead, the spectators encouraged us with their warm applause and cheers while we were playing. We are truly grateful to have had such a happy experience.

We will grow from this experience and work hard to meet your expectations at the next competition. We feel honored if we were able to cheer up and offer hope to people in the affected areas by playing our hearts out.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the local residents and many other people who cheered us on. I am also grateful to Miyagi Volleyball Association, Tohoku Ricoh and many other people who helped organize this event. Osaka Works' volleyball club will keep participating in activities to support the reconstruction of the disaster stricken areas and contribute to the local communities.

Finally, we will participate in two major competitions soon -- Sakurada Memorial Corporate Team Tournament (Sakurada Cup) to be held in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture on December 3 and 4 this year, and the All-Japan General Championships to be held in Osaka City from January 27 to 29 next year. We will all do our best in the competitions and would appreciate your support and cheers.

Hang in there, Japan!! Hang in there, Tohoku!! We will do our best!!

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