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About Us

FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS, the Semiconductor Division of Sumitomo Electric has maintained its leadership position as the world's largest manufacturer of gallium arsenide (GaAs) and indium phosphide (InP). One key to Sumitomo's strength as a supplier of compound semiconductor materials is the company's diversified portfolio of crystal growth technologies for both epitaxial and bulk crystal growth. Sumitomo leverages this broad technology base to develop high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing solutions to application-specific needs.

The name Sumitomo has become synonymous with quality in III-V materials. Sumitomo Electric achieved this reputation by providing its global customers with superior-quality substrates that result in higher yields and devices with consistent electrical characteristics. Unrivaled experience in materials and manufacturing technologies allows Sumitomo to deliver highly uniform crystals and surface-wafer to wafer, ingot to ingot, and year after year.

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