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Direct Current Cable for Photovoltaic Generators

Direct Current Cable for Photovoltaic Generators

Used with photovoltaic generators, the DC 1500V PV-CQ is compact, as it does not have a metal shield layer. This not only makes the cable easy to install and economical, but also offers long-term reliability due to its excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, and mechanical properties.

Product features

  1. The DC 1500V PV-CQ comes with a wide array of features to address different needs, including terminals and length marks.
  2. Sumitomo Electric has a product lineup to meet different electrical capacities and applications, offering cable types with 2-core stranding, 3-core stranding, and 4-core stranding.

Product applications

  • Connector cable between modules in photovoltaic generator equipment
  • Connector cable between a solar cell array and junction box
  • Connector cable between junction box and power collection box
  • Connector cable between power collection box and power conditioner
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