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Home products (fluoroplastics-coated materials)

Electronics/Consumer Electronics

Fluoroplastics have highly unique characteristics such as superb slippage and non-stick properties, as well as excellent general characteristics such as heat, chemical, and weather resistance. Sumitomo Electric offers an extensive lineup of fluoroplastics including SUMIFLON™ Coated Aluminum (fluorine-coated material for inner pots of rice cookers and frying pans).

Home products (fluoroplastics-coated materials)

Product features

  • 1) Strong physical adhesion of aluminum and fluoroplastics enables deep drawing in press machines.
  • 2) The water level scale, etc., can be printed on the fluoroplastic coating surface.
  • 3) PTFE and PFA demonstrate the unique characteristics of fluoroplastics.
  • 4) Sumitomo Electric’s products are characterized by outstanding non-stick properties, heat resistance (continuous use temperature: 260°C), and corrosion resistance.
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