FY 2017 Business Results

On May 11, we announced our FY 2017 business results.

Our business results on a consolidated basis for FY 2017 are as follows: net sales of 3.0822 trillion yen; operating income of 173.1 billion yen; ordinary income of 195 billion yen; and profit attributable to owners of the parent of 120.3 billion yen, all of which are the highest figures ever. This is largely thanks to your generous support, and we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation.

I feel relieved that the first full-business-year results that we have announced since my assumption of the presidency were not so bad. Based on the business results, the dividend for FY 2017 is 46 yen per share including an interim dividend, which is six yen more than that of the preceding fiscal year.

On the other hand, in FY 2017, the final fiscal year of our mid-term management plan VISION 2017, we regrettably ended up failing to achieve the targets, despite our efforts to get as close to achieving them as possible. We will review what we have achieved and haven't, and reflect that review in the next mid-term management plan VISION 2022. For the new plan, we will make an announcement on a subsequent day, and I will comment on it at another time.

For FY 2018, we have announced our forecast that we will mark an increase in sales and incomes once again. Due to the U.S. commercial policy and geopolitical risks, however, future prospects are still uncertain. We recognize that nothing is more important than continuing to make conscientious efforts for SEQCDD (safety, environment, quality, cost, delivery, and research and development) improvement in order to make our corporate structure sufficiently robust. Based on this recognition, all of us in the Sumitomo Electric Group will consolidate our efforts and continue doing our best to create products that can contribute to society. In this regard, we would like to receive your continuing support again this fiscal year.

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