Research Presentation Sessions

Periodically, research presentation sessions are held at each of our works to report the progress of our company's research projects. On December 12, I attended the research presentation sessions held at the Itami Works.

Poster sessions were held in the morning. For each research topic, the progress and challenges were summarized on a poster and the relevant researcher explained the essential points of the research. More than 60 posters were presented, filling the limited space of the hall. Many employees in research, business, sales, and other departments gathered from across the country to share information and it was like a festival, full of excitement.

In the afternoon, presentations were given on several research topics particularly attracting attention in recent days. I cannot explain specific research details here, but focus was put on research related to industrial materials and semiconductor devices. Presentations covered research on new materials and next-generation technologies as well as research on industrial products such as those in the aviation industry, of which to date we do not have a sufficient delivery record. Most presentations were based on thorough research and have very clear objectives.

One presentation explained that the world's communications traffic is predicted to increase at an annual rate of 23% from now. I felt that we still have plenty of room to play a significant role in the infocommunications field, while also feeling a sense of mission that we have to continue responding to society's expectations by continuously developing products that meet social needs.

In any case, I want the research department to strengthen its ties with the business and sales departments to promote research activities from the perspective of commercialization, considering profit & loss and speed of delivery while clarifying the targets and the timeframes. I really expect the active role of the research department as it supports the Company's future.