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POREFLON Microfiltration Membrane Module

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I want to learn the latest technologies and help to solve the water issues in my home country.

I came from China to Japan to study water treatment membrane technology. I joined a Japanese company specializing in fluid analysis and then Sumitomo Electric. I currently work on membrane module development and improvement.

POREFLON is a very special material. At first I had difficulties in understanding its characteristics. As I became familiar with its characteristics, I found I enjoyed looking at combinations of sample water and membrane module. One important thing is to tune the membrane module according to the property of the water to be treated and the treatment method. I make many discoveries and gain a sense of fulfillment from the process of formulating a hypothesis, verifying it and making improvements.

As one of the project members, I keep in mind that I should do my own job while still being aware of the overall project. Needless to say, I should do my best to carry out the task I am given. In addition, I try to be aware of other members' tasks and progress. By doing so, I believe everybody's performance will be maximized and the project will progress steadily.

In my home country of China, water shortages and pollution have become serious social issues. My current goal is to work as a sales engineer in China, making the best use of the engineering and project implementation methodology that I have learnt in Japan. In addition to China, many countries of the world have concerns about water. That implies that the area in which our technology can contribute is wide. My technical expertise can be of help in my home country and other countries of the world. This gives me a feeling of pride in my present job.

Liu Di (first year of service; majored in environmental engineering)

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