A Picture of Sumitomo Electric in Those Days

1970 Osaka Expo

Products of Sumitomo Electric Utilized at the Japan World Exposition

In 1970, the Japan World Exposition was held in Osaka as the first international exposition in Japan, arousing a ripple of excitement throughout the nation. The “Traffic Game,” exhibited by Sumitomo Electric as the primary feature of the Automobile Pavilion, was a unique style of exhibition that visitors could take part in and enjoy. Players drove a mini car on a grid track in an open circular space, within which the other players’ colorful mini cars drove around, and aimed to travel between a base on one side and another base on the opposite side within a time limit of about two minutes. Players who could successfully cross over three times in a row received a gift. Among some 250,000 participants, only 3% succeeded. The exhibition was visited by members of the Imperial Family, including the then Crown Prince, on as many as five occasions. In addition, the Company’s power cables and steel cords (for moving walkways) were also used for the Osaka Expo. It is said that moving walkways started to spread around the world following the Osaka Expo.

More than half a century has passed since Osaka Expo. In 2025, the World Exposition will be held again in Osaka, Kansai under the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.” It is expected to trigger once again the birth of new technologies and products that enhance our lives.