Advanced wastewater Treatment for Aquatic Conservation
Development of a membrane-separation wastewater treatment system for persistent PVA

The issue of water contamination is a challenge currently facing the international community. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) published by the United Nations refer to the issue of water quality, setting a goal of reducing emissions of untreated water by half by 2030. Specifically, in economically fast growing nations, rivers polluted with industrial and domestic wastewater have adverse effects on human health and the ecological system, due to industrialization and urban population concentration.

Sumitomo Electric has been manufacturing POREFLON filtration membrane modules since 2003 for the treatment of industrial wastewater and sewage. Features of the module include superb chemical resistance, high strength, high permeability and heat resistance. The product has been shipped to many projects in the industrial wastewater sector in Asia and North America, as well as in Japan. Using the POREFLON module as a key part, Sumitomo Electric has built a membrane-separation wastewater treatment system consisting of a membrane tank, pumps, an aeration blower, and a control board. This treatment system was selected by Kaihara Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of high-quality denim, and is already in operation, for wastewater treatment at the company’s Kisa Plant and the newly constructed Thailand Plant.

In cooperation with Kaihara and Sinyu Co., Ltd. (a trading company dealing in industrial machinery and chemicals), Sumitomo Electric conducted a pilot test for about 18 months treating wastewater containing persistent polyvinyl alcohol (PVA, a synthetic resin), which readily contaminates the membrane. The client evaluated the system’s performance favorably and made a decision to use it. Since the commencement of operation, the treatment system has exhibited stable performance free from the effects of changes in wastewater volume, concentration or weather. In addition, it has brought significant improvements in terms of energy cost and installation footprint. Sumitomo Electric will continue to contribute to aquatic conservation, making optimal use of the features of POREFLON.

* POREFLON: A porous material made of 100% polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin manufactured by Sumitomo Electric

Wastewater treatment system installed in the Kisa Plant
Wastewater treatment system installed in the
Kisa Plant
Wastewater treatment system installed in the Thailand Plant
Wastewater treatment system installed in the Thailand Plant
POREFLON™ membrane-separation wastewater treatment system