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Voices of participants (Trainee Program)


[Name] Erica

[Business Unit] R&D

[Company] Innovation Core SEI, Inc.

[Position] Manager

[Duration of Training] Sep 2010 – Oct 2010

[Location of Training] Osaka Works, SEI (Japan)

*All the contents stated here are based on the interview that was held in 2012.

1. What are the details of your career to date?

I joined Innovation Core SEI (ICS) in Aug, 2010, as a Manager for New Business Development. ICS is a subsidiary of SEI’s R&D group in Japan. Based at the center of Silicon Valley, ICS’s mission is to help the SEI group, especially its R&D centers, in identifying new business opportunities and markets, and developing partnerships and projects that are of strategic value to SEI Group. I am currently working on developing new business and partnerships in the areas of smart grids, energy storage, CPV and optical communications, among others.

2. Details of the training program

In Sep 2010, I had the opportunity to spend six weeks at the R&D center in Osaka Works. During this period, I was working side by side with many technical experts, learned about SEI’s core technology developments, and gained an understanding of their vision  for new technologies, products and markets. It was a great pleasure to be part of this big SEI family and to meet many colleagues from different divisions and locations of SEI Japan.

  • R&D Center Training Scene
  • R&D Center Training Scene

3. Your impressions of the training program

Erica Training SceneThe training program has provided me with a great platform to experience the SEI culture, to see the product development and manufacturing process, and more importantly, to work with SEI people from different groups. This training has laid a solid foundation for my work in the US and helped me to contribute more efficiently to the growth of SEI’s business. I am deeply appreciative of the company for giving me this training opportunity. Let’s work hard together for the future of SEI and society!


[Name] Thanavit

[Business Unit] Industrial Materials

[Company] Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Manufacturing (Thailand), Ltd.

[Position] Section Chief

[Training program] Japanese and engineering

[Duration of Training] October 2005 – April 2006

[Location of Training] Yokohama Kenshu Center (AOTS) ,Tool Engineering Center, Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp., Hyogo, Japan

*All the contents stated here are based on the interview that was held in 2012.

1. What are the details of your career to date?

Hello, my name is Thanavit. I am from Thailand. I joined Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. (or “SHT”) in 2005. I am presently working in the Manufacturing Section in the Factory Department of SHT. My mission is to supply the best cutting tool products to our customers and put every effort to meeting customers’ demands in teams of QCDD (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Development).

2. Details of the training program

In 2005, I had an opportunity to spend six months in Japan. For the first three months, I studied Japanese language & culture at AOTS (Yokohama Kenshu Center). After that, I spent the remaining three months at the parent company, Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp. (SHM), in the Tool Engineering Center. In that time I had many chances to study the new technologies of machines and products with many Japanese specialists.
I also had a chance to travel to many interesting cities in Japan, for example, Yokohama, Tokyo and Kamakura in the first three months, and after that, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe in the later three months. This was a valuable experience for me.

3. Your impressions of the training program

Thanavit Training SceneYKC (AOTS) is not just a Japanese language school but also a place to study foreign culture, with many people from many countries around the world there. We must mix with others from different cultures and spend a lot of time together to achieve the same goal: understanding Japanese language and culture.
I met new Japanese teachers and friends at the Technical Center of SHM. I was very impressed with them, as they all tried to transfer knowledge to me sincerely. Many thanks to all of you!!!

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