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SEI University

SEI University
Supporting employees in developing personally and professionally through their work

The SEI Group supports employees in developing personally and professionally through their work. SEI has focused on developing human resources since its foundation in the 19th century. Even back in those days, when private companies seldom dispatched employees abroad, SEI sent its employees overseas to study and to receive on-site, hands-on training. Taking over such traditions, SEI University was established in April 2005 in order to provide a venue for:

(1) Disseminating SEI Group's corporate philosophy;
(2) Sharing SEI Group's management strategies and vision; and
(3) Developing employees' abilities, skills and knowledge so that they may play active roles in the global community

  • Ikoma Seminar House

    Ikoma Seminar House

  • Minami-Hakone Seminar House

    Minami-Hakone Seminar House

  • Technical Training Center

    Technical Training Center

Basic policy on human resource development

Sumitomo Electric Group expects all its members to win the trust and respect of customers and society by continuously improving business activities in terms of SEQCDD (Safety, Environment, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Research & Development), which represents vital requisites for a manufacturer.  We must base such continuous improvement on thorough knowledge of actual sites, actual situation, and actual products.  Sumitomo Electric Group members are also expected to be courageous in meeting new challenges, respect one another, and cultivate fine character.

Leadership development is essential for successful businesses

A leader who can effectively operate worldwide must have a good human character at his/her core as well as a high level of ability. Based on such vision, Sumitomo Electric Group develops global leaders who practice and fulfill the Sumitomo Spirit.

Worldwide Training Programs
a set of training programs available around the globe

SEI University offers various learning opportunities in many locations and countries.

Worldwide Training Programs

Job Instruction Training held in China

Job Instruction Training held in China

Monozukuri Development Committee in the U.S.

Monozukuri Development Committee in the U.S.

Action Learning
a hands-on program to tackle actual business challenges in teams.

Action Learning

Action Learning is a practical training session for executive officers and business unit chiefs of the SEI Group in which a small group of about five to six people conduct studies on key management themes of current importance. Since 2010, non-Japanese participants have been invited to the program, mainly those who have participated in the Global Leadership Development Program in the past. The results do not end up as mere case studies. Proposals that are deemed promising are further examined and embedded into the group’s actual management policy measures.
For example, USA team members proposed to establish a “US Sumitomo Electric Group Monozukuri (= manufacturing) Development Committee,” which was created in 2010.

Voices of participants

  • Marty

    Marty Todd
    Vice President – Operations

  • Gary

    Gary Mc Williams
    Director of Sales

  • Read comments from Action Learning program participants.


Global Leadership Development Program
a program held in Japan for local executives from around the world to discuss various issues

Local executives of Sumitomo Electric Group have been invited from all over the world to Japan to discuss managerial issues and to learn about the Sumitomo Spirit and business management. It is also an opportunity for participants to give their presentation to board members including the president of Sumitomo Electric Industries.

  • The President delivering a lecture

    The President delivering a lecture

  • Group Discussion

    Group Discussion

Voices of participants

  • Oliver Weiss

    Oliver Weiss
    General Manager Wiring Harness and Components

  • Xu Hong

    Hong Xue
    Administration Department Vice Manager

  • Kevin Phillips

    Kevin Phillips
    Director and Chief Business Officer

Read comments from Global Leadership Development Program participants.


Management Program based on the Sumitomo Spirit(MPSS)

MPSS is for managers at overseas affiliated companies who play key roles at their organization. The objective of this training is to share and understand the Sumitomo Spirit, and to improve the management skills to their subordinates.

Since the first MPSS held in 2012, the training has been held in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and China. Amidst the rapid development of globalization, we will make sure that the basic policy of SEI Group is shared and understood by all members.

  • USA
  • Germany
  • China

Coaching Program

Coaching program for leadership development is available for managers working outside Japan.

Voices of participants

  • Shinichiro Takaoka

    Shinichiro Takaoka
    Regional HR Manager

  • Read comments from Coaching Program participants.


Trainee Program
a cross-border trainee program for future global leaders

Many of our young and mid-level employees are dispatched as trainees to work in various business fields across business departments and national borders. This is to provide our people with opportunities of cross-cultural experiences to become future leaders with a global perspective.

Voices of participants

  • Erica


  • Thanavit


  • Yan


  • Kiatisak


Read comments from Trainee Program participants


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