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News & Topics 2016 Vol. 469

Sumitomo Electric Acquires Keystone, U.S. Powdered Metal Component Manufacturer

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has decided to acquire Keystone Powdered Metal Company, a U.S. manufacturer of powdered metal components ... For more details

Promoting Diversity —Establishing an Environment Where Diverse Human Resources Can Fully Demonstrate Their Capabilities—

Sumitomo Electric Becomes First Nonferrous Metal Company to Join Ikuboss Corporate Alliance —Accelerating Efforts to Foster Managers Who Can Responsibly Manage Diverse Human Resources—

At the signing ceremony: (left) President Masayoshi Matsumoto of Sumitomo Electric; (right) Director Tetsuya Ando of FJ
At the signing ceremony: (left) President Masayoshi Matsumoto of Sumitomo Electric; (right) Director Tetsuya Ando of FJ

We have become the first nonferrous metal company to join the Ikuboss Corporate Alliance, organized by the specified NPO Fathering Japan (FJ).

To foster diverse human resources and maximize our group’s performance, we believe that even more complex management capabilities than to date are necessary.

We intend to take this opportunity to further enhance awareness among managers, key players in their organizations, and thereby accelerate our diversity management and establish a working environment where diverse human resources can fully demonstrate their capabilities.

What is Ikuboss?

Advocated by FJ, ikuboss is an ideal boss model, referring to the top management and managers who consider the work-life balance of their subordinates and other staff members working with them at their workplaces, and who support the development of the members’ careers and private lives, while generating desired achievements for their organizations and enjoying their own careers and private lives.

What is the Ikuboss Corporate Alliance?

Japan is now experiencing the spread of diversified work styles, seen in recent moves to promote women’s active participation in society, as well as the trend of ikumen (fathers actively involved in parenting). The Ikuboss Corporate Alliance is a network of companies that recognize the necessity of ikuboss, and that aim to reform awareness among their managers actively and foster ideal bosses (ikuboss) for this new age. Specifically, the organization carries out the following activities;

  • - Sharing information on efforts made by member companies;
  • - Holding seminars and other events for fostering ikuboss in cooperation with member companies; and
  • - Disseminating messages of the alliance to society

Sumitomo Electric Certified as the Highest Grade L-boshi Company under the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

“L-boshi” certification symbol
“L-boshi” certification symbol

L-boshi is certification granted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to companies that have established and reported an action plan based on the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, have applied for certification to the labor bureau in their prefecture, and have been judged to satisfy specific standards. Three certification levels exist according to the number of assessment items the relevant applicant has satisfied.

Judged satisfactory in all assessment items of recruitment, employment continuity, working style (e.g. working hours), percentage of female managers, and diverse career courses, we have been granted the highest-grade third-level certification.

Introduction of a Work-from-home System

We have introduced a work-from-home system for employees who are restricted in terms of working place and time due to specific events in various life stages. The purpose of the system is to realize a working style with flexibility in working time and place, and to establish an environment where each employee can demonstrate his/her capabilities to the maximum level.

Before the introduction, about 20 employees worked under the system on a trial basis for nine months from October 2015. The results have been examined and reflected into the operation of the system.

Outline of the System

July 16, 2016
Employees who are restricted in terms of working place and time due to pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, nursing-care, etc.
Working Days
Those eligible can work under the system up to 5 days a month.
Working place
Those eligible can work at their own home, or the home of the person they care for.

Focusing on promotion of diversity as one of our management strategies, we aim to establish a corporate culture in which diverse human resources can fully demonstrate their capabilities to the fullest extent possible.

To help our employees strike the best balance between their career and private life, we have been making our working environment even better, for example, by improving our systems for parenting and nursing care, introducing a reemployment system, and establishing in-house childcare centers. In addition, we provide support for our female employees to fully demonstrate their capabilities by holding seminars for participants to learn about different viewpoints on career development; and by introducing a childbirth/parenting support program designed to promote communication between employees who are going to take or have just taken a maternity/parenting leave, and their bosses. Moreover, we are also improving seminars for managers to enhance their skills necessary for diversity management, thereby striving to establish a corporate climate centering on diversity.

Human Resources Division

Construction Begins on The New Plant of Tohoku Sumiden Precision as Cutting Tool Manufacturing Center

Perspective rendering
Perspective rendering

Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corporation established Tohoku Sumiden Precision Co., Ltd. in April 2016. A groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant was held in August this year. The construction commenced in September.

The new plant is scheduled to start producing cemented carbide drills and steel tools in November 2017 to enhance the company's capacity to globally supply these two categories of products. The latest production management systems to be introduced to both lines, needless to say, will control design, manufacturing, and quality information in a unified manner. Moreover, these systems will ensure optimal production in synchronization with sales data sent from overseas sales companies to speedily deliver high-quality products to our customers.

Furthermore, our sixth tool engineering center (TEC) in Japan will be set up on the plant premises to strengthen our customer service in the Tohoku region, providing technical support individually to our customers and showcasing machining demonstrations of the latest equipment and various tools.

The Sumitomo Electric Group is pleased to open this site as part of our commitment to helping the region's recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and we intend to continually provide products and services useful for our customers.

Cemented carbide tools
Cemented carbide tools
Steel tools (cutters)
Steel tools (cutters)

Company profile

Company name
Tohoku Sumiden Precision Co., Ltd.
10-1 Fukasaku, Miharu-machi, Tamura-gun, Fukushima, Japan
Katsuyuki Tanaka
Completion scheduled
April 2017
Production start scheduled
November 2017

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