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Special Feature
Newsletter "SEI WORLD" 2016 Vol. 466

Sumitomo Electric Group products used in consumer electronics

The Sumitomo Electric Group is involved in a wide range of businesses including automobiles, infocommunications, electronics, environment & energy, and industrial materials, in which most of the products are provided to business enterprises. Although not widely known due to the B2B nature of our activities, our products are used in various items familiar in our daily lives.

We would like to introduce our products used in consumer electronics.

Flexible Printed Circuit


A Flexible printed circuit (FPC) is a wiring material consisting of an electric circuit formed on an ultrathin insulated film. The easy-to-bend, flexible structure allows space-saving three-dimensional wiring. With electronic components mounted on it, its thin and lightweight structure and excellent heat-resistance have been significantly contributing to the downsizing of equipment (being smaller, thinner, and lighter).

Our FPC is widely adopted in the fields of information and communication devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, and cutting-edge electronic devices such as computer-related equipment and home-use game consoles.

Smartphones, LCDs, touch screens, cameras, etc.
Flexible Printed Circuits Division and Sumitomo Electric Printed Circuits, Inc.

Thunderbolt 3 Cable

USB Type-c connector
USB Type-c connector

Thunderbolt*1 is a high-speed general-purpose data transmission standard developed and announced in 2011 by Intel Corp. and Apple Inc. Thunderbolt 3 is the latest version of this standard, permitting high-speed data transmission of up to 40 Gbps between PCs, peripherals and display equipment. Based on this transmission standard, the Sumitomo Electric Group has developed Thunderbolt 3 cable, by employing its high-performance ultrathin coaxial cable and the next-generation standard USB Type-C*2 connector to connect cable and equipment. This product is flexible, has excellent bending resistance, and is easy to use. It connects PCs and peripherals such as displays and allows high-speed communications for various devices such as multiple 4K displays and high-speed gaming PCs.

Thunderbolt and Intel are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.
USB Type-c is a trademark of USB Implementers Forum.
Electronic Wire Division, Optical Communications Lab., and Sumitomo (SEI) Electronic Wire, Inc.

Sumiflon™ Coated Aluminum

Sumiflon™ coated aluminum is a press-moldable product made through a process in which an etched*3 aluminum plate is coated with fluororesin.

The aluminum and fluororesin are physically and firmly bonded, enabling deep drawing and scale printing on the fluororesin-coated surface. By using polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) in addition to fluororesin, the product achieves excellent non-viscosity, heat resistance (continuous use temperature: 260℃), and corrosion resistance. With these features, the product is used for home appliances such as pans for electric rice cookers and baking plates for bread makers.

Sumiflon™ Coated Aluminum
Sumiflon™ Coated Aluminum
This is a processing technique for the surface of thin metal sheets, also applicable to compound materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.
Fine Polymer Division and Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc.

Magnet Wire (Winding Wire)

Magnet wire
Magnet wire

A magnet wire (winding wire) is an electric wire used to convert electric energy into magnetic energy. It plays an important role in a wide range of areas surrounding our lives, such as automotive electric components, home appliances, and industrial motors. The great sophistication of equipment in recent years has expanded the application of magnet wires and increased their use in severe environments, requiring more reliable quality. Under such circumstances, the Sumitomo Electric Group provides a broad range of products, from ultrafine wire for wrist watches to rectangular wires for large transformers, as well as original new products, satisfying customer requirements on a global scale. In consumer electronics, our products are used in motors and coils for refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines.

Motors and coils for air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines
Motors and coils for air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines
Magnet Wire Division and Sumitomo Electric Wintec, Inc.

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