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President’s Message
Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol. 459

Masayoshi Matsumoto President & CEO

Develop Your Strong Points – I’ll Keep on Saying This Again and Again

Amidst the recent spate of awfully depressing news both at home and abroad, the Japanese national team stunned and excited the world at the rugby World Cup. Following Japanese researchers’ earning Nobel Prizes, the team’s winning made me shout for joy.

Although rugby is less popular in Japan than soccer and some other sports, it is now gaining huge public attention. This is probably because Japan’s national team defeated the South African national team, regarded as one of the potential championship winners, in the first match with a dramatic come-from-behind finish. In addition, the Japanese team gained two consecutive victories over strong teams. Thus, these outstanding results have boosted the sport’s popularity at home.

How was it possible for the Japanese team, which is inferior in terms of physique and power, to compete in neck-and-neck matches?

Asked this question, the Japanese national team’s Head Coach Eddie Jones referred to the development of the team’s strong points. He said in line with the following: “We cannot win, even if we follow strong teams’ examples. We need to develop our own strong points. It’s much more fun to further improve your strong points, rather than to eliminate your weak points. If you have confidence in doing this, you will eventually be able to gradually overcome your weak points. The important thing is to have beliefs and courage, and to continue making efforts different from what other people are doing.”

If we find our weak points while proceeding with business, we tend to soon be discouraged. However, Mr. Jones insists in line with the following: “When they had an international match, the Japanese national team of the past had already been defeated mentally even before the match. The first thing I worked on as head coach was to change their mindsets. I told them that they could win if they developed their strong points. This is difficult, but if leaders keep on saying the same thing, people around them will believe it.”

Develop organizations’ strong points, and keep on disseminating messages containing the essence of things. Now, leaders’ capabilities are being tested.

Masayoshi Matsumoto President & CEO

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