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Special Feature 
Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.458

Packaged software business of Sumitomo Electric Information Systems Co., Ltd. Supporting the progress of society by providing advanced software packages

Sumitomo Electric Information Systems Co., Ltd. develops and builds production management systems, sales management systems and various other business systems for each Sumitomo Electric Group-affiliated company, thereby enhancing its system development quality and productivity. Our strong point is to always adopt cutting-edge techniques and architectures when developing distributed processing systems and other application development tools.

Based on our system and tool development experience, we also develop commercial software packages for software houses,* automakers, electric appliance makers, pharmaceutical companies, and various other manufacturers. Thus, we are contributing to the innovation of our customers’ businesses by providing a wide variety of advanced information technologies.

*Software house: A company that develops and sells software.

Product and service lineup [major products]


RakRak Framework™ 3

Building-block type system development infrastructure

RakRak Framework™ 3 is a business system development infrastructure that can automatically develop programs from database definition information at a development efficiency five times or more higher than that of native Java-based development.* Since this system allows the use of a GUI tool, business systems can be easily developed without coding. This system can meet any request for specification change by changing parts as needed without recompilation. We have plenty of experience in the development of large-scale core systems, and can develop even smart devices.

*“Java” is a trademark or registered trademark of US Oracle Corporation and its affiliate/associate companies in the United States and other countries.

RakRakWorkflow™ II

Multilingual workflow system

RakRak Workflow™ II is a full-fledged workflow system that can be operated by both large and medium-sized companies. Within the Sumitomo Electric Group, 40,000 people have used this system. This system can be used for reorganization and personnel relocation and be easily integrated into an existing core system. This system has also been multilingualized for not only English and Chinese but also Spanish, Thai and other languages. With strict history management, this system ensures perfect internal control. This system is also able to easily realize intricate workflows that are specific to businesses in Japan.

RakRak Workflow™ II Cloud

Cloud-based workflow service

RakRak Workflow™ II Cloud is a system that can use the functions of the full-fledged workflow system, RakRak Workflow™ II, without the need for setting up a server. A perfect data backup system and security system have been established. Since Sumitomo Electric Information Systems Co., Ltd. takes responsibility for the often cumbersome system settings, customers can introduce this system within a short period of time.

Utilization of information


Full-text search/information utilization system

QuickSolution™ is a Japanese-made, big data-oriented enterprise search system suitable for a wide range of information processors from a several GB departmental file server to a 100 TB or more large-scale company-wide infrastructure. The system searches in a cross-sectional manner the full-text of information that has been distributed within a company, such as Office files, websites, Notes and other groupware and databases, thereby strongly supporting the company in the utilization of information. Provided with many application program interfaces (APIs),* this system can be easily integrated into other systems/products.

●“Office” is a trademark or registered trademark of US Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

●“Notes” is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.

*API is an assembly of the orders, codes and functions that can be used for programming. We can use the functions of API to develop software without programming.

QuickSolution™ Lite

Full-text search appliance

QuickSolution™ Lite is an information search system for in-house use into which hardware, software and service are integrally built. This system searches the full text of Office files, websites, and other pieces of information stored on two or more file servers in order to pinpoint the desired information, even when an ambiguous search term is given. Even a small-scale organization can introduce this system at the lowest cost of \480,000 (tax not included) in the first year. It will start working immediately after connected to an in-house network.

●“Office” is a trademark or registered trademark of US Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

RakRak Document™ Plus

Document management/information sharing system

RakRak Document™ Plus is a document management/information sharing system that browses/registers/saves/manages the documents and data that have been dispersed throughout a company, and reliably searches and retrieves information when it is desired. This system registers a document by attaching two or more files to the document and storing it in a folder. A date, author’s name, and other attribute data can be attached to each registered document. This system also converts the files attached to the document to PDF format in order to utilize the security function of PDF by displaying them on a dedicated PDF viewer.

RakRak View™ II

Web-based database search tool

RakRak View™ II is a tool for searching information by browsing databases. The finger-tip operation of this tool enables information search on a real time basis without placing an unnecessary load on the database. The search results are listed or shown in matrix form. Since this tool automatically creates a detail list/spreadsheet, the data can be further drilled down. The totalization results can be also downloaded and saved in the Excel format. Since the totalization parameters can be also saved, the user can call them up when recalculation of the data is needed.

●“Excel” is a trademark or registered trademark of US Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Business application software

RakRak Procurement™ II

Web-based procurement system

RakRak Procurement™ II is a full-fledged Web-based purchase system that covers the entire process of purchasing, from the request for purchase, estimation, and ordering to the receipt and acceptance of the purchased articles. This system can be used for a variety of purchasing activities, such as automatic ordering of articles whose unit prices have already been fixed, estimation on a case-by-case basis and preliminary estimation for reference. The standard functions of this system include acceptance procedure of the implemented contract for the supply of temporary labor and leases, inventory control and various administrative data controls. This system also responds to multiple languages and multiple currencies. It enjoys abundant delivery records and is used at universities and in various business fields, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, and system development companies. Customers can also introduce this system without customization, and it is possible to operate this system within three months after introduction. Needless to say, we are ready to respond flexibly to customer requests for customization of this system.

RakRak Procurement™ II Cloud

Cloud version of Web-based purchase system

This system is a cloud version of the full-fledged Web-based purchase system, RakRak Procurement™ II. All functions of the original system can be utilized. The system also provides reliable data backups and security protection. To provide customers with the environments specific to them, we offer flexible customization. Under our pricing system the unit price depends on the number of orders.

RakRak Procurement™ II Data cleansing

Purchasing strategy development support tool

This tool figures out the actual purchasing activities of the entire group companies and supports the development of the group’s purchasing strategies. In particular, this tool uses the technologies built into QuickSolution™ to aggregate the item names from the ordering data and classify them into each category. The aggregation of item names enables portfolio analysis and various other analyses of actual purchasing behavior from a broader perspective. Use of this tool in combination with RakRak Procurement™ II will create a synergetic effect between purchasing activities and their analysis.

RakRak SupportSite™

Help desk work support service

RakRak SupportSite™ makes it possible to perform all operations by browsing, thereby enabling integral management of inquiries. This tool can search the full text of inquiries in a cross-sectional manner and momentarily find similar inquiries, thereby enhancing the efficiency of inquiry processing. Items on the inquiry screen and the screen layout can be changed easily so that they adapt to the requirements of a specific operation. Other functions of this tool include receiving inquiries via e-mail, sending/receiving files and sending questionnaires to customers using this tool. As described above, RakRak SupportSite™ is a tool that can comprehensively innovate inquiry processing.

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