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Latest Information
Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol. 450

Sumitomo Electric Wins Suzuki's Best Partner and VA/VE Proposal Awards

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. received the 2014 Best Partner and VA/VE Proposal awards from Suzuki Motor Corporation. This is the third time to win these awards in the same year since 2012.

This honor was awarded in recognition of our outstanding performance during 2014 as an excellent supplier of wire harnesses and sintered powder metal parts to the automobile manufacturer, who highly evaluated our cost reduction proposals, quality and delivery performance, as well as aggressive proposals on VA*1/VE*2.

Sumitomo Electric continues its efforts to meet customer expectations in terms of quality, delivery, cost reduction and technological development of wire harnesses and sintered powder metal parts for automobiles.

VA: Value Analysis
Value analysis processes include: assessing advantages and disadvantages of a company and its competitors in various business activities, ranging from research and development to after-purchase services; determining optimal allocation of human, financial and material resources to establish the company's competitive advantage; evaluating the effectiveness of business strategies; and exploring directions toward further improvements.
VE: Value Engineering
In value engineering, value is defined as the ratio of a product or service's function to the cost incurred to manufacture the product or provide the service. To improve the value, an optimal mix of function and cost is explored and achieved.
Sales Division (Western Japan) in Automotive Business Unit,
and Powder Metal Products Division

Eco Rail Mark Certificate Renewed

As part of our activities to prevent global warming and to preserve the environment, we have been promoting a modal shift through our effort to actively use vessels and railways as environmentally friendly transportation means.
In February 2012, we acquired certification as a company engaged in the initiatives of Eco Rail Mark from the Railway Freight Association. At the validity end timing of the certification this year, we applied for the renewal of duration and have obtained such certification, in recognition of the fact that 57.6% of our 2013 freight land transportation covering 500 km or more was by rail.

Eco Rail Mark
20-feet container for transporting steel wire (load weight of 7 tons for maximum loading capacity of 8.8 tons)
20-feet container for transporting steel wire (load weight of 7 tons for maximum loading capacity of 8.8 tons)

*Eco Rail Mark: A system established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The use of the mark is allowed only for products or companies that use rail transportation means in accordance with designated criteria. Rail is an environmentally friendly transportation means that generates less CO2 emissions than trucks. The mark affixed on products serves as a judgment standard for customers’ purchase decisions.

Logistics Management Department

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