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Group Company of the Month:SHMB

A report from SHMB, which has increased the number of its special agents to 15 from 1 at the time their sales operation launched, and has commenced cooperative work with local fabricators and machinery trading firms
Director, Marketing Manager Lui Nomura
Lui Nomura
Director, Marketing Manager
Company Profile
Company name
Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal do Brasil Comércio e Importação Ferramentas Ltda.
September 2011
Import and sale of cutting tools
Kazuyoshi Kimura

Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal do Brasil Comércio e Importação Ferramentas Ltda. (SHMB) is a cutting tool sales company established in 2011 in Campinas, São Paulo State, with the purpose of expanding the sales of Sumitomo Electric Industries’ hardmetal business in the Brazilian market. The Brazilian cutting tool market is continuing to grow in step with the development of the mining and manufacturing industries, including the automobile industry. Although the company is currently engaged mainly in the import and sale of Sumitomo Electric Industries’ products, the company will aim to establish a local service system and enhance the quality of the system, thereby expanding its market share.

While sometimes getting puzzled over local market practices, I work hard every day with staff members

Even while working in Japan, I used to frequently travel between Japan and Brazil to support SHMB’s establishment. In April 2012, I was officially transferred to this country. My job here began with finding an appropriate location to set up an office for the company. Together with local staff, I worked very hard to launch the sales operation, preparing price lists, establishing international transportation routes, and linking the core system with an accounting system.

At first, I had difficulty understanding complicated and frequently revised tax system, and responding to them appropriately. We cannot submit bills without e-filing to the Federal Revenue Bureau of Brazil. Actually, there were times when it took much more time than we had expected to ship our products, due to tax miscalculations. Meanwhile, since European and U.S. manufacturers have larger market shares in the automobile industry, we aim to expand our sales by focusing on the Sumitomo Electric Group’s excellent achievements in Europe and U.S. However, our share in the cutting tool market is approximately 1% now. Many people in Brazil are laid back, and it took one customer more than a year before they finally placed an order, after approving a sample. Our local staff members work hard every day, always trying to act with a sense of speed in order to outdo our competitors. Thanks to this, at the end of the year before last, we received the Best Supplier Award from car parts manufacturer AAM Sulamericana.

The number of our special agents has now increased to 15 from 1 at the time we initiated our sales operation. In addition, we have commenced cooperative work with local fabricators and machinery trading firms. We will strive to further increase our presence in the Brazilian market.

Profile of Local Staff Members

Aline Merlotte

Aline Merlotte

I’m Aline Merlotte, 32 years old. Since the establishment of the SHMB office in 2012, I have been working as a clerk for the sales operation. I’m proud that I work for the Sumitomo Electric Group, and I learn a lot every day from my job.
I hope that my son will learn about responsibility by seeing me working. I will continue to do my best to succeed in my career and also make my personal life even more fulfilling.

Tiago Donegá

Tiago Donegá

My name is Tiago Donegá. Since 2012, I have been engaged in general affairs and accounting at SHMB. I’m pleased that I was able to join the establishment of this company and the creation of an opportunity to bridge positive aspects of each country’s culture. I’d like to work from a global perspective.
I believe that to understand the Sumitomo Electric Group’s regulations and policies is useful for enabling us to respond to our customers better than our competitors do.

Places of Interest

São Paulo State, Whose Development Started from Agricultural Coffee

Coffee and São Paulo State

Samusung's factory (Campinas)
Samusung's factory (Campinas)
Drinking his third espresso of the day
Drinking his third espresso of the day

Brazil consists of 26 states. São Paulo State, which used to develop through coffee cultivation, now produces more than 30% of the country’s GDP, mainly through the manufacturing industry and the financial industry.

Campinas, the home of SHMB’s office, also used to develop through agriculture, such as coffee and sugarcane cultivation. However, the city’s current major industries concern high technology and manufacturing. Although coffee is now produced in more northern parts of the country, such as Minas Gerais State and Espírito Santo State, coffee is still deeply connected to people’s daily lives in terms of consumption.

At SHMB, staff members drink a few cups of thick espresso a day, adding lots of sugar to it. In addition, coffee is served at every office and plant that I visit.

Is São Paulo State Small?

A farm in the Campinas suburts,showing some signs from the past
A farm in the Campinas suburts,
showing some signs from the past
Ubatuba waves
Ubatuba waves

Although São Paulo State constitutes less than 3% of the entire Brazilian land, the state is wider than the main land area of the main island of Japan. As home to many machine-work companies, Campinas is located approximately 100 km north of the city of São Paulo. The city of Ribeirão Preto, a center of sugarcane production and home to the sugarcane refine and machine-work industry is located another 200 km north of Campinas.
On one Sunday (Amherst)

In Brazil, a country with an under-developed railway infrastructure, cars are the main means of transportation. I hear that even if it takes a few hours to reach a destination, people in Brazil do not feel that the destination is far.

Ubatuba, a city with 96 beaches, is located approximately 300 km southeast of the city of São Paulo. In summer, there are traffic jams of cars of sea bathers, including from outside the state. These beaches are also popular as good surfing spots, because waves are continuously generated, due to the impact of the currents from the Antarctic Ocean, the water temperature is high, and there is little effect from the tides and wind.

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