Porous Metal "CELMET"

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  • The materials of Celmet are Nickel and Nickel-Chromium.
  • The maximum porosity is 98%.
  • The airflow resistance is very low. Therefore, fluid can be treated at low pressure drop.
  • Celmet has large surface area by unit volume.
  • Celmet has good workability, which can be cut, pressed and piped easily.

Examples of products

Definition of porosity

The porosity of Celmet is calculated by following formula:
Porosity=1-apparent density of nickel Celmet/density of nickel metal (8.9 g/cc)

For example, when the apparent density of nickel Celmet is 0.4 g/cc,

The relation between grade and porosity

In the case of the apparent density of Celmet is equal, the porosity is also equal, even if the grade of Celmet is different.

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