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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.417]

Group Company of the Month: SCM

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Manufacturing, Inc. (SCM) is a manufacturing site of the Hardmetal Division established in 1991 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to meet American demand for cutting tools. Merging the affiliate Master Tool in 2009, it currently has two sites: the SCM Division, which manufactures cemented carbide drills, cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools, etc. in Wisconsin, and the MTL Division, which manufactures steel tools in Ohio. The manufactured tools are being used by customers from a wide array of industries including the automotive, construction equipment, oil and aircraft industries.

【Reporter】SCM Kathryn Numrych

A report from SCM (Wisconsin), which strives for productivity increase and internal reform in order to meet various requests from customers.

SCM Kathryn Numrych


Working hard as a bilingual staff member to promote and fortify Japan-U.S. communication

I joined the company in 2005, and I currently support the plant’s production activities as the person in charge of the Production System Division.

One of my tasks is to procure materials and manage the inventory for product manufacturing. I prepare materials in order to handle manufacturing orders with quick delivery, while preventing excessive inventory by considering demand fluctuations and procurement lead time. To this end, I often exchange information with members of the Hardmetal Division in not only English but also Japanese. In such a case, I feel that the experience of studying the language in Japan is helping me with my current work.

Other important tasks include establishing and utilizing the in-house IT system. I analyze production-related data to enable efficient planning of production schedules and to monitor the progress of various management arrangements. For this fiscal year, we plan to cooperate with the Information Systems Div. of Sumitomo Electric to further improve the in-house IT system.

On a final note, I'd like to introduce GEC News, the SCM newsletter for which I am the editor-in-chief. It is a quarterly publication distributed within the company to share our in-house activities in the way to become a Glorious Excellent Company (GEC).


SCM newsletter GEC News


SCM office members

■Profile of Local Staff Members

William Fingleton (Nickname: Bill)

William Fingleton (Nickname: Bill)

Hello, everyone. I am Bill, the person in charge of carbide drill manufacturing. After joining the company in 1992, I have worked long years in the manufacturing division where I can feel first-hand the growth of the company, which is simply great.

I like to have fun in my private life, such as playing with my three children, taking motorcycle trips and watching football. I hope that in the future there will be more opportunities for me to communicate with the members of the Sumitomo Electric Group.

Carl Vogt

Carl Vogt

Hello, everyone. I am Carl, and I joined the company in 2008. I'm in charge of design and manufacturing technology for special-shaped tools such as carbide drills.

My passion is sports; I play golf and soccer with friends as well as watch baseball. Conveniently, the home ground of the Brewers, my favorite team, is very close by. I go to watch many games each season.

I hope you will all get the chance to visit Milwaukee.

[Places of Interest] Milwaukee, a city of beer just like Sapporo and Munich

The Milwaukee Art Museum seen from Lake Michigan

City with a combination of high-rise buildings and agricultural villages

The famous summer festival

Cosmopolis Milwaukee holds cultural festivals of various countries on summer weekends. In addition to Polish, American and other cultural festivals, there is also Summerfest, the largest music festival in the U.S. It is a great summer event with music by many stars such as Paul Simon and Bon Jovi.

The home of Harley-Davidson

In 1903, the famous motorcycle manufacturing company Harley-Davidson was born in Milwaukee. The Harleyfest, held every five years, attracts motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country. The Harley-Davidson Museum shows the history of Harley motorcycles by exhibiting models from each era. Components for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are manufactured using tools made by SCM.


The motorcycle sanctuary: the Harley-Davidson Museum


Miniature motorcycle made with motorcycle components

Milwaukee is the capital city of beer in the U.S.

Milwaukee, the largest city of Wisconsin, is where Miller beers were born in the 19th century. Miller Brewing Company is also known for its major league baseball team the Brewers; its name signifies "beer brewer."
Joining the team this year is Mr. Norichika Aoki, a former player of Tokyo Yakult Swallows, who is expected to make a great contribution.


Miller Brewing Factory(Factory tour with free tasting is very popular)


Many Wisconsin beers


Miller Park, the home ground of the Milwaukee Brewers


Watching a major league game at Miller Park


Company Profile


Company name Sumitomo Electric Carbide Manufacturing, Inc.
Established September 1991
Business Manufacturing of cemented carbide and CBN cutting tools as well as steel tools
Representative Tsutomu Nakamura
Employees 164 (SCM: 132 + MTL: 32) as of end of February 2012
(Japanese expats: 1 for each division)
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(C) 2015 Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
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