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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.406]

Joyful Surprise

Masayoshi Matsumoto

Having been selected the 2011 Copper Man of the Year by the Copper Club, Inc. in New York, I attended the award presentation ceremony to receive the Ankh Award. The Copper Club was formed in 1944 to convene all participants in the copper industry. It is comprised of copper producers, fabricators, refiners, dealers, traders and merchants around the world. The Copper Club aims to contribute to world peace through a stable supply of copper, and to further human resources development by providing educational grants.

Each year the Ankh Award is presented to one or two professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the copper industry. I received this award on behalf of the global copper fabricator community, which produces electric wires and cables, wrought copper and other goods. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to those who nominated me, and to all other parties concerned.

The presentation ceremony proceeded in a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere, as scheduled; I gave my acceptance speech and received the trophy. When I was about to leave the stage to return to my table, I was asked to stay on the stage. I stood there, wondering what was going to happen. Then, to my surprise, the presenter gave me special gifts: a Chicago Cubs baseball cap and a bat engraved with my name. Since my expatriate days in Chicago from 1973 to 1978, the Cubs have been my favorite team. How did they know that? It was a big surprise. Probably some research was done to obtain that information. I was truly impressed by their attentive and thorough preparations.

Currently, Sumitomo Electric Group' s products are used globally in a wide range of fields, including automobiles, electronics and social infrastructure. If we are content with the status quo, however, we will not be able to achieve sustainable growth. Given the paradigm shift taking place everywhere and the pace of change becoming ever faster, it is important to have multifaceted perspectives to observe events from different angles and carefully work out measures.

As a commemorative gift of the Ankh Award, I received a specially made bronze replica of Auguste Rodin' s "The Thinker." Since prehistoric times, copper has been with us part of the history of the development of humankind. To ensure our further development and prosperity, we should sit and think about more effective use of copper, development of alternatives to copper and other issues. Is this the message behind the trophy?

In exploring potential needs and anticipating future changes, we should continue to develop and offer new products and services that will satisfy our customers and society, and that will even bring a joyful surprise to users. Winning this award has greatly renewed our determination.


Cap and bat I received


Holding a specially made bronze replica of "The Thinker"


Masayoshi Matsumoto

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