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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.405]

Masayoshi Matsumoto Awarded the Medal of the Dynasty of the Kingdom of Morocco

Masayoshi Matsumoto, President and CEO, received a Medal of the Dynasty* from His Majesty the King Mohammed VI of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The honor was presented in recognition of Sumitomo Electric Group's remarkable contribution to Morocco's industrial development. The Group's operation in the country comprises 7 automotive wiring harness factories, with 15,000 employees in total. Of all industrial products, the Group's wiring harnesses are among the greatest contributors to Morocco's exportation.

The Sumitomo Electric Group remains committed to further development of its business in Morocco, to live up to this great honor.

Certificate and medal

*Medal of the Dynasty:
The medal is officially called Wissam-Al-Alaoui; Wissam meaning "medal" and Alaoui being the name of the dynasty presently on the throne; it means therefore the "Medal of the Alaoui dynasty."

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