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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.403]

Cable with CHAdeMO-specification-based Quick Charge Connector for EV Applications

Chargeable by simple operation


The recent growth of public interest in electric vehicles (EVs) has encouraged the installation of quick chargers. Sumitomo Electric has developed a cable fitted with a CHAdeMO-specification-based quick charge connector that plays an important role in supplying electric power to EVs from quick chargers. Comprising a lightweight aluminum alloy connector body, this easy-bend rubber sheathed cable provides excellent operability. A workable prototype of the cable was unveiled to the public at the 2nd EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo, held in January 2011. At the Expo, the cable’s design and operability received favorable comments from the visitors.

Sumitomo Electric is currently establishing a production/marketing system with the aim of bringing the cable to market as early as possible.

Cable with CHAdeMO-specification-based quick charge connector for EV applications

Ensuring versatility

A vehicle ECU checks the battery condition to determine the optimal charge current. On a timely basis, the charger supplies a DC current to the battery of an EV in response to the command signal from the vehicle ECU.

CHAdeMO system configuration

An abbreviation of Charge de Move and the trademark of a quick-charging method that the CHAdeMO Association is proposing globally as an industry standard. (CHAdeMO Association: an organization established in Japan to standardize and promote expanded use of quick chargers for EV applications. The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc., automobile makers, charger makers and some administrative agencies are members of this association.

• Quoted in part from CHAdeMO Association’s website


Electric Wire & Cable, Energy Business Unit

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