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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.400]

Tree-Planting Ceremony to Mark the 20th Anniversary of Ikoma Seminar House

In December 2010, SEI University Ikoma Seminar House, a Company training facility, celebrated the 20th anniversary of its opening. The tree-planting ceremony held to mark this milestone was attended by President Matsumoto and Directors from Sumitomo Electric and others concerned.

Situated in the Midorino Bunkaen (meaning a green cultural zone) of the verdurous Kongo-Ikoma-Kisen Quasi-National Park, the Ikoma Seminar House is open not only to Sumitomo Electric Group personnel, but also to the general public. For this reason, as many as 226,000 people have used the facility since its opening. For the tree-planting ceremony, we chose the Yaebeni variety of weeping cherry tree (Prunus pendula Maxim. cv. Pleno-rosea). This choice is based on the variety's "code," which includes "rich culture" and "intellectual training," and its long life, believed to be several hundred years. The Yaebeni weeping cherry tree resonates with the Group's hope to become a Glorious Excellent Company, giving forth many beautiful blossoms and achieving long-lasting prosperity. Toward this goal, we will continue active personnel training at the Ikoma Seminar House and other facilities.


Seminar House exterior view

President Matsumoto, addressing the ceremony attendants (commemorative Yaebeni weeping cherry tree in left background)

Human Resources Development Department

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