May 13, 2013 10:47 AM

We participated in Minato City’s Akasaka-Aoyama Cleanup Campaign!

Hello, I’m Kobayashi, of the HR & Administration Dept.

Nine staff members from the Tokyo head office took part in the Akasaka-Aoyama Cleanup Campaign organized by the Akasaka Regional City Office on Thursday, April 18, and helped clean up the area around Tokyo Metro Akasaka Station in Minato City. This was the first time for us to participate in Minato City’s local cleanup campaign since our head office was relocated to Motoakasaka from Shibaura.

Under a clear blue sky, a total of 78 people from local residents’ associations and local companies, including us, worked hard to clean up streets and called for no littering and no smoking while walking on sidewalks.

In cooperation with local residents and the Akasaka Regional City Office, we will continue helping to keep our local streets safe and clean. In May, we will work hard to clean up the area around Aoyama 1-Chome Station.

Time for a cleanup!

▲ Time for a cleanup!

Ah, there’s some trash here…

▲ Ah, there’s some trash here…

Sorting out collected trash

▲ Sorting out collected trash

After working hard, we pose for a group photo.

▲After working hard, we pose for a group photo.

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