October 19, 2011 3:00 PM

A Tour of Tokai Rubber's "San San Delivery Theater " Starts Again This Year

I am Tonari, and I work for the Corporate Citizenship Office at Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Last time, I wrote about our forestry volunteer event. This time, let me introduce our "San San Delivery Theater."

Performance at a facility for mentally disabled people

▲ Performance at a facility for mentally disabled people

"San San Delivery Theater" is an event presented by Tokai Rubber with the cooperation of Hito-gumi, a popular theatrical group based in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. This event is held at a facility for mentally disabled people.

Tokai Rubber began this event in 2008, hoping to contribute to more comfortable life of mentally disabled people and their families. In doing so, we provide opportunities for those with mental disabilities, some of whom have few opportunities to go to theaters to watch plays, to directly experience the pleasure and enjoyment of plays, as well as for their families to enjoy the plays together with them without anxiety.

In FY 2008 and FY 2009, "San San Delivery Theater" was held in 10 locations, selected from among general public applicants, in Aichi Prefecture. In FY 2010, the event was organized in nine locations in Aichi Prefecture and one location in Mie Prefecture. This year, we have plans to hold the event in eight locations in Aichi Prefecture, one location in Mie Prefecture, and one location in Shizuoka Prefecture.

On August 23, "San San Delivery Theater" was held in Kaze-no-oka, a support facility for mentally disabled people. This facility is located in Mie Prefecture, home to our Matsusaka Works. Drawing approximately 100 spectators, the event featured a play of an original script based on "Warashibe-choja," a traditional Japanese tale. The performers used things around them as stage props, attracting the spectators' attention up until the very end.

After the performance, some spectators gave the performers presents that they had made, and asked to shake their hands. Others said "Come visit us again" or "Thank you, Tokai Rubber."

Picture sent as a token of thanks

▲ Picture sent as a token of thanks

"San San Delivery Theater" will celebrate its fourth anniversary this year. Each time we organized an event, we found that staff members of a facility where the event was held were surprised that the spectators concentrated on the performance for as long as one hour. I think this is largely due to the excellent skills of Hito-gumi, a theatrical group that has received many awards. Their concentration makes me realize the truth of the words by group leader Mr. Hitoshi Nagata: "The important thing is not to be unnecessarily conscious of spectators' characteristics. A truly good performance is sure to satisfy spectators."

After holding an event at a facility, we often receive a letter of thanks from a staff member of the facility, as well as letters and pictures from the spectators themselves. These letters almost always include a message of "Come and visit us again."

We receive applications for "San San Delivery Theater" from many facilities. However, we organize the event especially at newly established facilities, and cannot hold the event at all the facilities making applications. We feel very sorry about this. To provide opportunities for many more mentally disabled people to appreciate plays, Tokai Rubber will continue being involved with this event.

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Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.
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