July 8, 2011 8:59 AM

Osaka Works Hosts Rose Garden Open Day!

Hello, I’m Nose, from Osaka Works HR & Administration Group :-)


Today, I’d like to write about the rose garden open day at the Osaka Works on Sunday June 12, 2011. We have already mentioned in this blog the rose garden’s open day that took place last November. To let more members of the public enjoy the roses, this time we also advertised the event to residents of Konohana Ward.

Initially, we thought we’d be lucky if more than 300 visitors showed up. However, 685 visitors arrived that day, far exceeding our expectations. Thank you all for coming! :-)) Although it was in the middle of the rainy season, the weather was pleasant, with very little rain.


Presently, some 1,000 roses from 133 species are cultivated at the garden. Visitors enjoyed discovering their favorites among the myriads of shapes and colors. Among the large number of visitors were keen photographers intent on shooting flowers, couples, families with children, and groups of friends. We were very happy to receive positive comments from visitors as they left, such as, “The roses were beautiful, thank you for showing them” and “I look forward to coming back next year.” The occasion seemed particularly memorable for former Sumitomo Electric employees, who marveled at the beautifully transformed grounds, now much more lush. Visitors also enjoyed hydrangea and other flowers in the garden, and many also visited our showrooms.

Double Delight rose

▲ Double Delight rose

We heard visitors say that growing roses must be hard work: it is, actually. They require almost year-round attention: weeding the roughly 2,000 m2 grounds, pruning, and spraying to prevent diseases are all very labor-intensive. However, thanks to the sweat (and sometimes tears?) of members of our staff, we were able to present our roses in their prime, and it is our utmost joy to have been able to provide visitors with a pleasant time.

Please look for next year’s open day, when we intend to welcome visitors with even better roses!

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