May 16, 2011 9:10 AM

Itami Works – Greenery-Floral Festival report

Itami Works

▲ Itami Works

Hi! This is Sakai, in charge of the Smile Relay of the PR Dept.

Upon starting this blog, I’d like to introduce you to some of the activities conducted by Group employees. I had a great time participating in these!

The first one took place here!

This is an activity by Sumitomo Electric’s Itami Works, which aims to increase greening of their premises to create a "workplace with lush greenery" that’s friendly to the environment.

On October 24, 2010, employees and their families as well as members of neighborhood associations were invited to the 4th annual Greenery-Floral Festival. (It’s called this because it celebrates greenery and flowers.)

The festival was visited by more than 1,300 people!!! It's great to know that this festival is taking root as one of the region’s festivals :-)

On the day of the festival, there were greenery- and floral-related events such as potting lessons and sweet potato digging, as well as other attractions such as a mobile zoo, paper airplane contest, and a performance by the brass band of the neighborhood junior high school. Many people enjoyed each of the events. The sweet potato digging, in its second year, was especially popular!
The big sweet potatoes looked very tasty :-)

A great festival to visit, especially with little kids! We hope to see residents in the neighborhood of the Itami Works there again next year.

Brass band of the neighborhood junior high school

▲ Brass band of the neighborhood junior high school

At sweet potato digging

▲ At sweet potato digging

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