April 12, 2016 10:30 AM

Participation in Volunteer Activity for Restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake - Part2

Hello again! I am Okazaki of the Human Resources & General Administration Group, Hitachi Area of J-Power Systems Corporation (JPS). I would like to continue my report on our participation in the volunteer activities.

On the second day, at the Minamisoma Municipal Disaster Reconstruction and Restoration Volunteer Center in Fukushima Prefecture, about 30 people, including us, again participated in volunteer activities.

There were two requests that day, and we cut down trees in gardens and cleaned up, as we had done on the previous day. We needed to cut down several trees with diameters from 30 to 100 centimeters. However, since we had not received any specific training in using chainsaws, we cut down branches from fallen trees and carried them to a disposal place. Some trees were more than 10 meters tall, so we kept close communication with those around us to ensure safety.

In the area where we worked this time, decontamination was underway, making us recognize once again that it will take a lot more time before the restoration is complete. Hitachi City in Ibaraki Prefecture, where we live, actually suffered damage from the earthquake and tsunami, too, and received warm support from many people. To return the favor as much as possible, I would like to continue joining volunteer activities like this.

A group photo of participants in front of  Minamisoma Municipal Disaster Reconstruction and Restoration Volunteer Center

A group photo of participants in front of Minamisoma Municipal Disaster Reconstruction
and Restoration Volunteer Center

J-Power Systems Corporation

J-Power Systems Corporation
J-Power Systems Corporation (JPS), headquartered in Tokyo, was established in July 2001, and in April 2014 became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. The company offers comprehensive services from research, development, design, manufacturing, and sales to installation of electric power cables, overhead power transmission lines, and their related systems. Through these business activities, JPS supports a stable and environment-friendly power supply for an advanced energy society. The company will continue to strive to become a world top-class cable manufacturer that contributes to the protection of nature and the creation of a comfortable society.

April 12, 2016 10:00 AM

Participation in Volunteer Activity for Restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Hello! I am Okazaki of Hitachi Human Resources & General Administration Group of J-Power Systems Corporation (JPS).

For two days on October 1 and October 2, 2015, 17 staff members - those newly employed in the Hitachi Area and their instructors - participated in volunteer activities for restoring Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture from the Great East Japan Earthquake, as part of the training program for new employees.

Such volunteer activities are conducted in areas where preparation is underway to lift evacuation directives (i.e. areas where it has been confirmed that the annual accumulated dosage is 20 mSv or less). The Minamisoma Municipal Disaster Reconstruction and Restoration Volunteer Center draws about 200 volunteers from across Japan every week, accommodating various requests from residents, such as cutting down trees and mowing weeds in their gardens and cleaning up their houses.

On October 1, about 30 people, including us, engaged in volunteer activities. We cut down trees and mowed weeds in gardens, and dismantled plastic greenhouses. Being unfamiliar with such work, confusion sometimes arose, but we worked very hard with our first priority on safety. After the work was completed, local residents gave us appreciative words in tears, making us realize the significance of our volunteer activities once again. Not only new employees, but the other members too spent significant moments like these.

Participation in Volunteer Activity for Restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Participation in Volunteer Activity for Restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake

April 12, 2016 9:30 AM

Participation in Reed-Cutting on Lake Biwa!

Go-anzen ni (Maintain safety)!
I am Isomichi of the Itami Sales Branch, SEI Business Creates Inc.

On Sunday, January 31, I was invited by Mr. Maeda and Mr. Fujimoto, senior employees at my workplace, to join the campaign of cutting down reeds on Lake Biwa, held in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

Sumitomo Electric, which served as a special sponsor for the 71st Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon, held on Sunday, March 6, actively participates in environmental preservation activities for the lake, including the reed-cutting campaign. Although the reed field was very wide, almost all the plants were quickly cut down by the approximately 500 participants present, making the field very clean again.

Participation in Reed-Cutting on Lake Biwa!
Participation in Reed-Cutting on Lake Biwa!

I hear that some of the cut reeds were used as torches in a ceremony in March to pray for safety at the start of the lake's sightseeing season. Meanwhile, the fields are left to dry for a while after the reeds have been cut, and then burned off. I hear that this means other weeds' seeds and disease germs are also burned, which helps new reeds to sprout in spring and leads to the regeneration of very large fields of reeds.

Mr.Maeda (left) and Mr. Fujimoto (right)

Mr.Maeda (left) and Mr. Fujimoto (right)

It has been said since long ago that reeds function to clean the water. My participation in the reed-cutting campaign this time served as a good opportunity for me to learn more about reeds and water sources. Some water from Lake Biwa flows into the Yodo River, and the water is used as a valuable resource by those living along the river. I feel that it is significant that not only residents living around Lake Biwa, but also that so many others benefitting from the lake are engaged in environmental preservation activities.

If there is another opportunity to participate in such an environmental activity, I want to volunteer for it again.
Why don't you participate in such activities too?

October 27, 2015 3:30 PM

SEWS Gives Back to Local Community

Hello! This is Megan Shefchik, an intern with the General Affairs Department at Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. (SEWS), located in the United States.

The United Way of Southern Kentucky "Day of Caring" is an annual structured volunteer opportunity that provides participants with an outlet to give back to their community. The Day of Caring joins businesses and organizations with non-profit groups to complete needed projects. The 7th annual Day of Caring was held on July 29, 2015. This is the first year that all Day of Caring projects impacted only issues in Education, Income, Health, and Safety Net.

Steve Wallace, President and CEO of United Way of Southern Kentucky, explains the United Way Day of Caring and what it means to the community; "Every day, life in southern Kentucky is made a little bit better by the caring spirit of tens of thousands of volunteers who work with United Way. On July 29, more than 1,200 of them took their caring spirit one step further and joined the United Way Day of Caring movement. They completed over 80 projects for local nonprofits throughout our communities - important projects that many of these nonprofits would probably not have completed this year because of limited budgets, staffing, or simply time. I'm incredibly humbled by the compassion of all of our volunteers, and cannot think of a better way to describe what it truly means to LIVE UNITED."

This year we took on 2 projects, both of which encouraged associates to bring in items for collection drives. The projects supported the Warren County Family Resource Centers' English Language Learners' (ELL) Classrooms and the second helped support the Barren River Area Safe Space (BRASS).* The Bowling Green Administrative Office, Scottsville and Edmonton, Kentucky joined our forces to take part in the Day of Caring and help make a difference in our community.

Each year at school, regular classrooms receive supplies and materials from parents and families, but the families of refugee and immigrant students are often unable to contribute, leaving the ESL/ELL classrooms and students with few supplies. The supply drive we conducted helped stock their classrooms for the fall when all the students return to school. Incidentally, after the completion of our BRASS Stuffed Animals Drive we had collected over 300 stuffed animals to donate.
We are incredibly grateful to be able to do our part and give back to the community by participating in this event each year! We look forward to contributing next year and joining in on this special Day of Caring.

BRASS* A regional domestic violence shelter that provides services to the ten-county Barren River Area Development District. When children first arrive at the shelter, oftentimes they do not have anything of their own. BRASS gives these children a stuffed animal of their own which so often times acts as a source of comfort. After the completion of our BRASS Stuffed Animals Drive we had collected over 300 stuffed animals to donate.

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc.

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc.
Established in 1986 in the United States. Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. manufactures and sells automotive wiring harnesses, electronics equipment, electronic units, connectors, and harness parts.
Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. Website  http://www.sewsus.com/

July 31, 2015 1:00 PM

Support Activities for Those Affected by the Nepal Earthquake

Hello, I am Shantibrata Chatterjee of SEI Trading India Pvt. Ltd. (SETI).

On April 25, 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal. This was followed by numerous intermittent aftershocks, causing many casualties. I would like to pray for the repose of the souls of those who died and express my heartfelt sympathy for everyone affected by the disaster.

In response to this news, SETI, which operates in Nepal as well, provided support for those impacted by the quake, in the hope of serving them even a little, in cooperation with Map Entrepreneurs Pvt. Ltd.(MAP) (a local agency in Nepal), as well as the Lightwave Network Products Division and the Global Business Department of Sumitomo Electric.

Truck carrying relief supplies

▲ Truck carrying relief supplies

Specifically, we visited areas where MAP staff members suffered in the disaster and orphanages where children lived without their families or homes, and distributed temporary tents, water, food and other relief supplies. These materials were secured through cooperative efforts between MAP and Sumitomo Electric. I believe that our activities were somewhat helpful for those affected by the earthquake.

Since the earthquake inflicted extremely large-scale damage, it is likely that it will take a long time before the country fully recovers. Still, we would like to continue providing those affected by the disaster with support in some way.

Distributing temporary tents to those affected by the disaster

▲ Distributing temporary tents to those affected by the disaster

Distributing blankets and sandals at an orphanage

▲ Distributing blankets and sandals at an orphanage

SEI Trading India Pvt. Ltd.

SEI Trading India Pvt. Ltd.

SEI Trading India Pvt. Ltd. (SETI) was established in 2011 as the successor of the Group's representative office founded in 1996 in New Delhi, in order to increase the presence of the Sumitomo Electric Group in the growing Indian market.

May 28, 2015 8:55 AM

We Participated in Akasaka-Aoyama Cleanup Campaign!

Go-anzenni (Maintain safety)! I'm Tokita of the Tokyo Office of Sumiden Friend, Ltd.

Members of the Tokyo Office of Sumiden Friend, Ltd.

▲ Members of the Tokyo Office of Sumiden Friend, Ltd.

It has been one year since the Tokyo Office of Sumiden Friend, Ltd. was opened in May 2014 at the Tokyo Head Office of Sumitomo Electric. Time really flies!
Since this is the first time for us to do business with other than Sumitomo Electric's Works, we first did various new things in a trial and error manner. The first thing we worked on was the main business of Sumiden Friend, namely greenery business (installation and maintenance of ornamental plants). For this one year, we have been steadily expanding the range of our businesses, including cleanup of meeting rooms on each floor of the head office.

Meanwhile, since the opening of our Tokyo Office, we have been a regular participant in the Akasaka-Aoyama Cleanup Campaign, which is held by Minato Ward, Tokyo, where the Tokyo Head Office is located. We engage in this cleanup campaign together with local residents and companies.
In Akasaka and Aoyama, which I'm sure many people want to visit, we continue picking up garbage conscientiously for about one hour on each occasion. Although it may seem that there is no garbage, we often find a lot of empty cans and cigarette butts under plants in the streets.

Picking up garbage!

▲ Picking up garbage!

Commemorative photo with Akasakamen, Akasaka's goodwill ambassador

▲ Commemorative photo with Akasakamen, Akasaka's goodwill ambassador

While picking up garbage, we can enjoy communicating with other participants, making the event even more significant and valuable. We would like to continue to participate in this activity, aiming for perfect attendance at every occasion of this campaign.

Sumiden Friend, Ltd.

Sumiden Friend, Ltd.
Established in July 2008 (head office: Sumitomo Electric's Itami Works). This is Sumitomo Electric's special affiliate company,* established based on the Sumitomo Electric Group Basic Principles for Social Contribution, in order to make a further contribution to society.
* Subsidiary established by a company for the purpose of employing disabled people, based on the Act on Employment Promotion etc. of Persons with Disabilities. To establish such a company, an authorization from the national government is necessary.

May 11, 2015 4:40 PM

Blood Donation at SEPM

Hello, everyone! I am Murgan of Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd (SEPM).

As in previous years, we opened a one-day blood donation room in our factory on March 18 this year. We are not sure the exact year of its establishment, but it has been active for more than 20 years.

The program had initiated itself when one of a government hospital staff members approached our First Aider Team members on the possibility of running a blood donation program. The team then had a meeting among the members and proceeded to organize a campaign. From there onward, the blood donation program was made a yearly affair and was included into the First Aider Yearly Activity Plan.

In 2010, the First Aider Team has come under the wings of the Safety Department, by which the activity was monitored and assisted. We always try our best to have this event annually, but due to unavoidable factors, at times the event could not be carried out.

▲ Many employees donated their blood.

▲ Donating blood "It's not painful...Ouch!"

This year, 113 employees registered themselves to donate blood. Out of these registered blood donors, 109 of them donated blood. The rest of them couldn't due to some medical reasons.

For the event, 7 staff members came from the hospital, and they were assisted by 9 SEPM employees. The blood donation started at 9:30 a.m. and ended at 5:00 p.m. A total of 86 bags of blood was collected. The event was a success. We will strive to help lots of people next year with support from many employees.

March 27, 2015 9:15 AM

Ceremony to Provide Monetary Contributions to University Courses and Financial Support for Academic and Research Activities

Hello, everyone. I am Kawasaki of the secretariat of the SEI Group CSR Foundation.

In April 2009, the SEI Group CSR Foundation was established with the purpose of contributing toward the development of human resources and the promotion of academic activities in various fields both in Japan and overseas. In February 2010, the foundation was certified as a public interest incorporated foundation.

As introduced in this blog last year, one of our main activities is to provide monetary contributions to university courses and financial support for academic and research activities. On Tuesday, March 3, we held a ceremony to provide monetary contributions to university courses and financial support for academic and research activities. The event was attended by 12 university course instructors, and 14 academic and research instructors.

At the ceremony

▲ At the ceremony

At the ceremony

Instructors reporting their research

▲ Instructors reporting their research

Instructors reporting their research

These university courses and academic and research activities have been selected from among many applicants after rigorous examination. We truly look forward to their future research results.

At the ceremony, instructors from university courses selected as new recipients of our monetary contributions explained their courses. In addition, instructors from university courses that had received our donations in the past reported the research results that they had achieved so far. We were very pleased to hear them say that our support was truly useful for their research.

We would be very happy if our activities turn out to be helpful, if only a little, for research that will contribute to the future development of society.

Commemorative group photo of all the ceremony attendants

▲ Commemorative group photo of all the ceremony attendants

For details on the foundation's activities, please visit the following page:
♪ Related link:SEI Group CSR Foundation

February 6, 2015 1:15 PM

"SUMITOMO WE CARE ... Love Is Power That Propels Us Forward"

Hello everyone,
We are Mohd. Nazri Othman and C.K. Leong of Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd (SEPM).

SEPM decided to cooperate with the local community via SUMITOMO WE CARE....

This is an integrated program as an exposure to educate and create awareness on volunteerism and charity program to the society, community and young generation towards the people with disabilities. The one month campaign was undertaken in period of November 13 - December 12, 2014.

On November 13, 2014, our thirteen committee members visited Down's Syndrome Society Of Johor (PSDNJ) training centre. We conducted self-care and educational training to Down's Syndrome children and teenagers, as well as carried out "Gotong -royong (Working together)" activity such as cleaning the building yard and toilets, ironing their apparels, performed cooking and some others routine job in order to lighten their burden.

We tried to communicate with them and understand their feelings. It sets a chance for Down's Syndrome individual to develop the self-care responsibility and skill, as well as strengthen their concept of self-worth as an employed person and member of society.

Lastly, we prepared a special video clip named "Say Something(I'm Giving Up On You)" dedicated to all Down's Syndrome children. We shared our true feeling inside the video clip and realized of that they are "LOVING WITHOUT CONDITION."

After visiting PSDNJ training centre, our committee members extended the SUMITOMO WE CARE ... program by promoting a charity fund raising campaign in SEPM in the period of November 14 - December 12, 2014. A special design donation box was provided for all company employees to donate the cash money for promoting the uptake of SUMITOMO WE CARE...

In the end of this program, SEPM Managing Director, Mr. Masao Sakuta presented a cheque for all SEPM employees' donation to the President of Down's Syndrome Society Of Johor (PSDNJ) during the SEPM Annual Dinner event at Berjaya Waterfront Hotel (Johor Bahru) on December 13, 2014.

Among of the significant year, with sheer determination and dedication, SUMITOMO WE CARE... program had successfully enhanced knowledge and experiences amongst SEPM staff and employees in physical, emotional and spiritual in social development.


Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.(SEPM)
SEPM was established at Johor Bahru, Malaysia in 1988. At present, SEPM has 600 workers and currently produces Wires and Flat Cables with state-of-the-art manufacturing process technique and steady quality control, to cater for home appliance and automotive industry in global market. SEPM has obtained many kind of accreditations which facilitates the management system to achieve customer's satisfaction, continual improvement and legal compliance. SEPM has experienced phenomenal growth since our establishment due to the significant expansion in our customer base and continuous support from SEI Japan.

September 12, 2014 9:15 AM

Students from a Prefectural School in Hiroshima Visit Us!

Hello, everyone. I am Iguchi of Tokyo HR Group, Human Resources Department, HR & Administration Division.

On August 1, 42 students from a prefectural high school in Hiroshima visited us at our Tokyo head office. The visit was part of the Top Leader High School Support Program promoted by the Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education. In Hiroshima, the Prefectural Board of Education designates several high schools as "Top Leader High School," aiming to develop and produce the next-generation top leaders with high aims. Accordingly, the program is designed for students of the designated high schools to establish independent study habits and adopt a more ambitious attitude toward the realization of high-level career goals. The program includes a visit to a university and a company located outside Hiroshima Prefecture, and we began working together on the program three years ago.

On the day of their visit, the students first listened to a presentation on our business and manufacturing. They also observed actual items among our products, such as a superconducting cable without any electric resistance, which is currently receiving attention as an ultimate material for electric wires and cables, and an optical fiber cable, which supports broadband networks. The students seemed very interested in our technology, which is deeply connected with people’s daily lives and society.

Since the theme of their visit to us this year was “Future Dream,” we asked the students what they wanted to be in the future. They described a wide variety of dreams, such as becoming a doctor, working at an airline company, and working as an engineer (I’m happy with this answer!). This was followed by a game in which they experienced business from the viewpoint of a manufacturer. Divided into teams of five or six students, they made designated products out of paper and then tried to sell them. The teams competed against one another in sales. Each team needed to think about the structures of material procurement and mass production. All the students were ambitious enough to try various strategies in this game, generating a very exciting atmosphere.

The visit concluded with messages from Mr. Kensuke Takezawa, who is an employee of Sumitomo Electric and a member of our athletics club. Looking back on his high school days, he told the students that he had made great efforts to realize his dream of going on to university and competing in the Hakone Ekiden (long-distance relay race). He encouraged the students to realize their dreams by working hard without forgetting the importance of “well-planned preparation” and “continuance.”

We hope that what the students experienced in their visit with us will serve as a good opportunity for them to consider their future careers. We support their bright future!