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Overhead Conductors and Wires

Overhead Conductors and Wires

As a Japanese manufacturer of overhead conductors with a full product line-up, Sumitomo Electric has developed numerous new technologies and products. Not only do we meet our customer needs through our innovative technologies providing large capacity and low loss overhead conductors, but we also offer a comprehensive array of products to handle wind and snow weather conditions that are an inherent part of overhead conductor usage.

Product features

  1. Overhead conductor manufacturer with an extensive product portfolio
  2. Proven track record in product delivery around the globe and long-term operation
  3. Excellent connectors and other auxiliary part technology

Product lineup

  • Overhead conductor
  • Low Loss conductor
  • Heat-resistance conductor
  • Wind pressure-resistance conductor
  • Snow-resistance conductor
  • Composite fiber optic overhead ground wire

Product applications

  • Construction of regular overhead conductors for electric power transmission lines
  • Replacement of existing conductors to increase power transmission capacity (approximately double)
  • Construction of low-loss conductors to reduce transmission loss thereby improving power transmission feasibility
  • Construction of overhead conductors in areas of strong wind / large snowfall

Accessories for cables

Rubber block joint

Rubber block joint

Accessories for power cables represent the key technology to cable system. We have been supplying all of the necessary accessories, including rubber block joint (RBJ).

Prefabricated Termination

Prefabricated Termination

Asahi Newpat 100™ (prefabricated terminations for 6,600-V XLPE cables) is the first product in Japan that employed the silicone rubber. This product is made from eco-friendly materials, and significantly reduces the time required for assembly.

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